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Apsara Gutika

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Apsara Gutika/Pendant: According to Hindu religion, an Apsara Gutika is an emblematic instrument that possesses supernatural powers in astrological benefits or maybe magical.

Apsara is the most beautiful, charming and supernatural celestial female being in the Heaven, among the Devlok (Gods) Urvashi is the queen of all Apsaras. The king of gods, Indra requested her many times to seduce the sages and break their meditation, so as to test their purity.

These Gutikas are mainly used in Eastern religions for balancing the mind on spiritual concepts. There are 108 types of Apsaras and Urvashi is the most powerful and influential.  The Gutika(Apsara Gutika) is made of color therapy have different patterns employed in it.

Wearing the Gutika has a significant importance in Hindu traditions. It is said that wearing these Gutika or worshipping them will have respective benefits in human life. Each and every Gutika has got an effective influence which attracts all the Apsaras for your desired result. Shree Apsara Gutika is used for praising Apsaras – the Nymphs or angelic beauties of heaven, for different purposes. It is used for calling Apsaras and asking three wishes, which is known as Apsara Sadhana. Another usage is for gaining mesmerizing and seductive looks for which Apsara mala is used.

The Apsara Gutika, as said above, is used for praising Apsaras. Before establishing any Gutika, the person who is about to establish must be purified physically as well as spiritually. So after taking a bath he must only think of Apsaras whom he’ll be calling out for the establishment.

In Apsara Sadhana, one needs to have Apsara Gutika and Rosary, Itra (perfume), two Rose or Jasmine flower chaplet, sweets. For performing this ritual, one can start it from any Friday in the night. One should take a bath in the night, wear yellow clothes, put Punctum on the Gutika and finally apply itra or perfume on it. Place lit five ghee candles in the front.

Product Detail of Apsara Gutika/Pendent: 

  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Height: 18 mm
  • Diameter: 11 mm

Apsara Gutika/Pendant:

Apsara Gutika sold by us are duly sanctified and energized by the expert Pundits and Sages of for immediate retention and ready to wear.

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