Competition Victory

Puja for Competition Victory

Puja for Competition Victory/ Victory Puja (विजय प्रप्ति के लिए पूजा): Hinduism as a religion caters to all types of people, be they believers in God with form or without form. It is believed that God can be attained by ritualistic worship or by meditation or even by simple utterances of the holy names.

Ritualistic worship can be elaborate, spanning over several hours, with the chanting of mantras, performing Yajna, offering dainty (consecrated food) and Aarati (swinging of lamps), or it can also be as simple as offering a single leaf of Tulsi (the holy basil) or Bael (for Lord Shiva) and offering dainty.

While ritualistic worship satisfies some people, the others are happy with meditating on the Lord or chanting His name. Needless to say, any form of worship requires a pure and steadfast mind that is thoughtful of God, adherence to Dharma and abhorrence to sin.

We at Astro Mantra perform Puja with best and highly qualified and experienced Brahmins having a sound knowledge on the subject Puja for Competition Victory which enables to overcome all the health related issues and other problems.

On receipt of the date of puja as suitable to you, we will find the most perfect Muhurat so that the performance becomes successful and thereafter we will chant Mantras, offer dainty and perform Yajna (Havan) and thereafter Aarti and distribution of Prasad.

We will send you the Video CD of performance as well other materials like pleasantries to you by courier.

According to Indian scripture, we hereby perform the puja as per the system described which work like miracle. People who are suffering since long and could not get recovered in spite of thorough medication, it is due to the malefic movements of the planets, which only can be eradicated by Puja.

For some Pujas, there are particular ways of holding the hands, particular things to offer, exact phrases to say, etc. It’s great to learn how to do those Pujas, but it is possible to start with experienced and correct way of worship.

The particulars of pujas can help clarify the mind and body, so that, usually the purpose of prayer is part of our entire being and words have a power within you which is not possible by other way.