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Nandlal Dashora

Nandlal Dashora: In Madhya Pradesh, there is a famous city named Mandsaur having a high religious background and geographical importance. This city holds a rich cultural heritage that is being continued for ages. Mandsaur was earlier famous as Dashpur, Dashor, or Daaapura. The residents of Dashor are famous as Dashoras. Nandalal Dashora belongs to the same group. Dashpur was the capital of the Aulikar Dynasty. Nandlal Dashora has qualified himself in Religious Book authoring and became one of the best authors to his zoner.

We now have some of the books by Nandlal Dashora with Genealogical Charts for Dashora Families in Udaipur. We also have a directory with the names and addresses of Dashoras from the Udaipur region published by him. Moreover, we have difficulty in cross-correlating the names in the directory with names in family trees. Also, since the female decedents and inter-relationships are not there, we are attempting to get information to be able to connect Udaipur Dashora Families to our tree.

नंदलाल दशोरा

Nandlal Dashora has written an ample of books on Astrology, Karm Kand and many other matters. He is a real genius on this subject. His attitude towards life depicts in his writings. Besides, under his publication and various sisters’ concern he published more than a million books. Some of them became best sellers of the year in the country. The best thing found in their activities is that after thorough research Nandlal Dashora publish the books. That results that everything covers on those writings. This is the beauty of their publication. Besides, they have created their niche in the book world, and they are doing roaring business.

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