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Online Puja (ऑनलाइन पूजाएँ )

Online Puja is a method of praying to God by using the phenomenological methodology to take apart the meanings and uses of websites and the internet itself. Hindu cyber-darshan/puja is also the last word for long-distance religious performance. However, most frequently, religious expertise in Hinduism includes actions and reactions that occur in periods and areas. During these practices, the darshan of the deity by the seekers happens through devices like mobile phones, laptops, and personal computers. (Online Puja)

Any description of darshan should currently subsume the advanced religious expertise of the intertwining sight/site and site of the shape of the divinity. As a matter of fact, that the case is the pc has become a legitimate open portal through which Hindu religious expertise can pass back and forth.

The focus is on the ever-flexible definitions of formality. And the crucial Hindu religious expertise of darshan within the context of the 21st-century digital revolution. Notable exceptions that exist concentrate on the employment of recent media by Hindu organizations. The performance of Hindu rituals online, notably regarding online puja, broadcasting festivals, and the online curing of various religious communities.

Benefits of Puja & Yajna

Nowadays individuals are too busy and hardly get any time to go to temples or perform puja despite their temperament. Online Puja is the sole answer within which the seeker needn’t be physically present at the Puja spot. The seeker will watch and perform an equivalent through any convenient sort of itinerant, laptop, or pc. This offers an equivalent impact as someone’s physical gift. By this, he will save his time to travel and save money also.

Even throughout the lockdown period, the Hindu Pujas individuals watched online. Moreover, collected the oblations by the clergymen to supply to the divinity, and the dainties were distributed to the seekers. This was a success and gave the required results.

Online worship is saving each time and cash and there’s no worry of infection. Online pujas are getting extremely popular attributable of their effectiveness. For sacred text pujas, the physical presence of someone booking the puja isn’t necessary. Moreover, the priest takes the Sankalp on behalf of the person for whom the puja is performed. However, the energies of puja and divine blessings surpass the space. And over the years individuals have intimated the positive effects of those online pujas.