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Kalika Siddhi Book

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Siddh Shabar Mantra Book

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Yogiraj Yashpal Ji

Yogiraj Yashpal Ji Books: The condition of chemistry in today’s scientific era. It must be understood and known where and why the Trishula is used in the Yantra. What is the magic of the diagrams? The magic of words? What is meant by circle and quadrilateral? Materials for writing and their method of use. All this is mechanical science. All the mantras found in very simple language are Shabar Mantras. These mantras are there in very simple language, but they do not have any meaning. One cannot say that Shabar mantras come under the authority of only one language because they are in all spoken languages.

This simple way of description has come to us by Yogiraj Yashpal Ji. As per the books, the arrangement of Classical (Sanskrit) Mantras has a meaning. Any mantra, if its meaning is not clear, then it is not a classical mantra. Beej Mantras also have their own meaning, but Shabar mantras are usually both meaningful and meaningless. The condition of the language is such that mantras are sometimes available even in the esoteric vocabulary of every village. Some mantras are such that more than one language is in use in them.

योगिराज यशपाल जी

Authentic book on Mahakali Bhadrakali-Shamshankali-Dakshina Kali with Dakshin Kalika Hriday Stotra Kali Shatnaam Stotra Kali Trailokya Nohan Kavach Kali Stav Upanishad Kali Sudhadhara Stotra Adhya Kali Stavan Guhya Kali Karpur Stotra Kali Sahsranaam Kalikashtakam Maha Kautuhal Dakshina Hriday Stotra & rather more prayers details of Maa Kali in Kalika Siddhi written by sri Yogiraj Yashpal Ji.

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