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Ashtadashpuran Darpan Book

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Pt. Jwala Prasad Chaturvedi

Pt. Jwala Prasad Chaturvedi is a renowned name in religious book writing. His paperback books and hardcover books became so pocket friendly that the books published under his writing could reach every section of society. There is no dearth of Religious Books writer in India, but attractive facts are usually available in the creations of Pt. Jwala Prasad Chaturvedi books. Any side of writing history comes at the compass of historiography.

In the present situation that deals with the studies on the spiritual system of ancient Bharat, the term ‘historiography‘ people use. Moreover, it denotes the history of analysis of varied systems. Each in its heuristic and instructive aspects. Ever since the start of Indological analysis faith and spiritual history have drawn intellectual attention. Various works on varied spiritual systems of ancient Bharat are printed within the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Even these days a minimum of forty percent of the Indological publications pertain to spiritual studies.

पं. ज्वाला प्रसाद चतुर्वेदी

It is against the background of this vast academic accumulation of two hundred years that the contents of at least of the major works of every decade. The perspectives and theorizations of their authors, their Methodology, Assessment, Criticism and Interpretation. Besides, the dominant outlook of various ages by which the approaches of the author write, and many allied features are to understand and evaluate.

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A historical survey or stocktaking of the sooner works touches on totally different branches of spiritual studies. That is, of the various developments within the study of the outline of their formal structure. That is within the phenomena of faith and in this of the method principles of interpretation. Moreover, the canons of assessment proposes by the fashionable college of varied tutorial disciplines. That is touching on totally different branches of spiritual studies. Besides, it is so necessary for the aim of a far better understanding of the multi-dimensional character of the Indian faith systems. At Astro Mantra we are keeping a huge collection of Pt. Jwala Prasad Chaturvedi books. This enables us to cater to our customers promptly.