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Kaam Shastra Book (काम-शास्त्र पुस्तकें)

Kaam Shastra Book: Kama may be a Sanskrit word that has the meanings of “wish”, “desire”, and “intention” in addition to the precise meanings of “pleasure” and “(sexual) love”. Used as a correct name it refers to Kamadeva, the Hindu god of affection. The Kama Sutra in Sanskrit literature isn’t a sexy work. (Kaam Shastra Book)

First and foremost, it’s an image of the art of living for civilized and refined people, finishing within the sphere of affection, eroticism, and therefore the pleasures of life. The aim of the sixty-four Arts isn’t simply to be a decent mate but to be an expert, understanding, refined, beautiful, and intelligent girl. The traditional sexy text additionally expresses the cultivation of the male and his understanding of feminine nature. (Kaam Shastra Book)

However, the oldest offered text on this subject is the Kama Sutra in Sanskrit literature ascribed to Vatsyayana. Who is usually mistakenly referred to as “Malanga Vatsyayana”. Yashodhara, in his statement on the Kam Sutra, attributes the origin of sexy science to yautia. That was the “prophet of the Asuras”, implying that the Kam Sutra originated in prehistoric times. The attribution of the name “Malanga” to Vatsyayana is due to the confusion about his role as editor of the Kam Sutra. Besides, with the role of the legendary creator of sexy science. (Kaam Shastra Book)

Vatsyayana’s birth date isn’t accurate in the record. However, his existence was ahead of the seventh century. Since he became a remark by Subandhu in his literary work Vasavadatta. On the other hand, Vatsyayana should be conversant in the Arthashastra of Kautilya. Vatsyayana refers to and quotes many texts on this subject, that sadly don’t seem in existence currently.

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For many individuals, Kam shastra is simply a set of various love-making positions, a mixture of acrobatics and postures. However, that means Kam reaches the far side of this strictly physical interpretation. Sex and its forms are sacred. It reproduces the final word inventive act, the union of the masculine and therefore the female cosmic principles. Sage Vatsyayana Kam Sutra reunites the essential life recommendation given to men and ladies to realize salvation. At Astro Mantra we’ve stocks of various Kam Shastra Books composed of Vatsyayana to trendy writers.