Problems Consultation/समस्या समाधान: All humans born on this planet are prone to suffer from trials, temptations and tribulations in life in some form or the other during any part of their life, be it at at childhood, middle age or old age. A disciplined lifestyle, some spiritual pursuits and an honest life shall help us to tide over most of these difficulties. But malefic effects in one’s birth chart shall give unwanted troubles and mental stress in life(Problems Consultation). There would be serious health issues and marital discords or financial woes that can be rectified only by certain astrological remedies(Problems Consultation). Humans differ a lot and hence the astrological remedies do not act in the same way for all.

There are number of techniques, which have remained the integral part of our life from a long time and everybody knows about them(Problems Consultation). These are our traditional Indian customs and rituals, which naturally drive us towards positive side of our life(Problems Consultation). Innumerable methods are there to improve our self by practicing Yoga, doing meditation, having fast, giving alms of cloths, food etc. to poor, perform religious activities at home like Yajna, Havan, Satsang etc. and sole aim behind all these is to improve present life as well as to correct our past by doing better and superior ‘Karma’ or deeds.

Hence it is necessary to first note the strengths of the various planets in ones’ birth chart and their malefic and benefice effects on the individual. Then the astrological remedy would be advised by astrologers(Problems Consultation). The first section here deals with the astrological remedies that should be done or catered to for troubles in various parts of your life like: Health, Finances, Relationships, Marriage, Career, Children, and a lot more(Problems Consultation). The second part lists the various astrological remedies that can be adopted for warding off the ill effects in your life like the use of mantras, tantras, Yantras, pilgrimages, Rudraksha, Pooja and other processes.

Astrological remedies for Bad Planetary Positions, Business Loss, Career Problems, Educational Hindrances, Good Health, Good Luck and Fortune etc.

At Astro Mantra we provide the remedies through Vaastu, Mantras Puja Yajnas and Gemmology. Problems Consultation.