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Ashtadhatu Neelam Ring


Ashtadhatu Manikya Mudrika


Ashtadhatu Para Ring


Ashtadhatu Navratna Mudrika


Ashtadhatu Navratna Ring


Ashtadhatu Kachua Trishakti Ring


Ashtadhatu Trishakti Ring


Shankh Shivling Ring


Shankh Para Shivling Ring


Shree Yantra Kachua Ring


Balaji Ring


Ashtadhatu Manikya Ring


Tisa Mudrika


Ashtadhatu Pyramid Ring


Ashtadhatu Lion Face Ring


Ashtadhatu Munga Ring


Ashtadhatu Lehsunia Ring


Tortoise Ashtadhatu Ring


Tortoise Ring Copper


Tortoise Om Ring


Tortoise Ashtadhatu Ring


Trishul Ring


Navratan Kachua Ring (Adjustable)


Laxmi Ring


Religious Ring

Religious Rings: Although men in India don’t traditionally wear rings to denote their status of being married, the innumerable rings you may see adorning their fingers are worn for astrological reasons. According to Ayurveda, everything has a subtle energetic influence, including gemstones and precious metals. The energy pattern of a gem directly affects one’s emotional and mental energies, and over a period this promotes long-lasting changes.

However, on Ayurvedic elemental constitution, and astrological chart, there is a prescription as to which metals and stones you should be wearing to lead a healthy life. In line with this way of thinking, gems and precious metals are classified into two types: hot and cold. Ruby, red coral, diamond and cat’s eye are hot gems, whereas pearl, topaz and blue sapphire are cold in nature. Gold is heating, and silver is cooling. Each ring worn by an Indian man has carefully measured in different way.

Those positively influence his energies and promote a happy and successful life for him. Religious Ring symbolizes faith, devotion, and love for spirituality. These days, however, religious rings have added several features to its basic nature. A religious ring, worn for fashion and style, has its own place in the market for jewellery. Divinity combined with elegance and class is a fine combination.

Everyone loves to wear finger ring, be it gold or otherwise. Most people prefer the ornament on the ring finger. But one can wear it on the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Different results one can receive by wearing the ring on each finger. For instance, when a ring one wears on the thumb as a fashion trend. When the ring is on the right thumb, wishes fulfils. However, if it’s on the left thumb it will result in agony.

Benefits of Religious Rings

Coming to the astrological importance, religious rings the most important ornament. From the maang-tika on their forehead to the toe rings in their feet, every jewellery item at the time of marriage has a certain meaning behind it. Just as the golden maang-tika ladies wear to maintain the impact of Sun in our lives. Similarly, as per astrology, silver toe rings people wear to retain the effect of the Moon. The Moon calms our mind and heart and gives us coolness and calmness. That’s why wearing silver rings in the feet is important for married ladies.