Tantra Puja, तंत्र दोष उपाय

Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies (तंत्र दोष उपाय)

Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies (तंत्र दोष उपाय): In Modern era people are totally perturbed due to malefic effects of planets, evil sights, sorcery, black magic and other tantric effects(Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies/तंत्र दोष उपाय) which are continuously disturbing and worrying them and causing physical, financial and other problems like causalities etc.

If anyone wants to overcome the above said conditions and Vashikaran etc. and wanted to counter it to eradicate problems instantly, our Astro Mantra Team of Tantric, Astrologer Vaasu Pundit and aura specialist are always available(Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies) on a distance of a phone call to our office and can be free from all the worries.

The suggestions are absolutely free of cost.  We only charge for the materials and that too affordable. Moreover if anyone wants to keep any other person under his disposal by Vashikaran, we provide the services(Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies). This will help to solve the love problems, match making, horoscope making etc.

Astrology is a science, which unfolds the mysteries of life by analyzing the signs from planetary motions along with the movements of sun and moon. Our team has specialization in understanding these signs and predicts your future based on them. Other than this, if your love life is not going smooth and you need help, contact us.

Furthermore, you can seek assistance for love, horoscope match making or any related service. So bring peace in your life and eradicate all your troubles with the solutions and advice from our team. Roots of Tantra-Mantra science/Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies.

Tantra is not a religion, but a science which has been compiled by Lord Shiva and contains mystical formulae that can help in fulfilment of your wishes. It is a combination of two words Tan and Tra, which implies that with proper sadhana and adoration, one can mould the nature and appease god for the fulfilment of his desires. It is deeply associated with the Mantras. Without Mantras, one cannot achieve success in his sadhana. Both need to be practiced simultaneously to achieve success.

Vashikaran Tantra: Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies

Vashikaran is a Sanskrit word which combines two short words of “Vashi” and “Karan“. The word ‘Vashi’ means to attract, stimulate, control, or entice someone; while the word “Karan” is the action or process or method of applying it. Thus collectively, “Vashikaran” means is to entice and control somebody and make Read more..


What is Tantra Power?

Since times immemorial, the term ‘Tantra’ has been used for a specific process, technique, method or a system like Bhairava Tantra, Dhyan Tantra, Paak Tantra, Kaam Tantra etc. All healing techniques are Tantra skills. All sorts of activities such as meditation, prayer, worship are actually Tantra skills. The use of a special method is called Tantra. The Tantra used with pure & selfless feeling is a ‘Divine Tantra” (White Magic) and the one used with ill feeling is called Black Magic.

What is Mantra Power?

Mantra(Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies) means a wave of a specific emotion or thought. Thought is generated from the mind and emotion from the heart. That’s why wave of emotion is stronger than the wave of thought. So when we produce a specific emotion, a wave from our body forms a layer in our aura.

When we produce this emotion repeatedly, these waves of emotion create a strong magnetic influence in the layers of our aura. The kind of waves we generate through our emotions, similar waves of energy from the universe are attracted towards us. It is the law of Nature that Like attracts Like, means vibrations attract similar type of vibrations therefore, the actual meaning of mantra is that by repeating a feeling we created a magnetic impact in our aura and thus attract similar type of effect from the universe towards our selves.

What is Yantra Power?

Yantra(Tantra Dosha Problems Remedies) is a geometrical shape or a design through which by using a special picture or lines, we express the force of powers & energies of the Nature and those of our own thoughts. All these pictures, lines or symbol are called Yantra.

In India, all the symbols, designs, geometrical shapes, statues of gods & goddesses come under the category of ‘Yantra’. We also make ‘Swastik’ sign, also called “Mangalik” (fortunate) in which a “+” (plus) sign is made and four clockwise lines are joined to it.

Yantra (symbols) actually help us to make our thoughts strong & powerful. An intention of wealth & fortune with Swastik surely yields better results as compared to the same intention without Swastik. Therefore, we need a symbol to empower our thoughts & intentions. Any symbol that once goes deep inside our subconscious mind immediately produces feelings associated with the symbol.


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