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Astro Mantra Institution (P) Ltd. the owner of website URL ASTROMANTRA.COM ® is already registered (Trade Mark No-3673132) and enrolled under Trade Mark Act 1999 by, Govt Of India and the company own the copyright of all the matters depicted in our website.

The Domain Name of company is registered since 3rd April 2004. We are also protected by DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998), an organization whose purpose is to update U.S. copyright laws for the digital age. Briefly, the DMCA stipulates the following conditions: It is a crime to circumvent anti-piracy measures that are built into commercial software. It is a crime to manufacture, sell or distribute code-cracking devices that illegally copy software.

This notice is provided in good faith and with the reasonable belief that rights of my company must not be infringed.

Any Copying of the content matters, using our company’s name without our permission, any monetary exchange by any person on our behalf will be treated as illegal and the person doing so will be liable for compensation and punishment by the law of the land and the concerned authorities.

It may also please be noted that any person, who has made their website by copying the Name & Content of our website Astro Mantra® (Astro Mantra Trademark No-3673132), must remove those within 25 days from this date, otherwise they will be liable for the legal actions against them.

This is a general notification for those who are concerned.

For Astro Mantra Institution (P) Ltd.

Managing Director.
Prem Kumar

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trade mark astromantra

trade mark astromantra

Trade Mark Astro Mantra