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Baglamukhi Yantra

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Baglamukhi Yantra/बगलामुखी यंत्र: Bhagawati Baglamukhi is one of the major Maha Vidya and Shakti of ten Mahavidya, also called Brahmastra Vidya or Shakti, it is the ultimate metamorphic power, whose power is the basic formula, Prana Sutras, Prana Sutras are in the dormant state of each creature,” Consciousness leads to consciousness, which can be proven all Shatkarmas too; Baglakshmi is also called Sidhdha Vidya, originally called this the goddess of stability, and ultimately it is able to provide salvation.

The grace of the goddess makes the universal progress of the person, the enemy is defeated, the victory is won everywhere, the triumph in the lawsuit, the favour of the officer class is received, the speaker of the opposition, the pillar of speed, the enemy’s mind is corrupted It goes to destruction, it is the achievement of Aishwarya, changes in the person’s atmosphere, people are attracted, the effectiveness increases.

There is security from the northwest obstacles, the effects of the tantric activities are decimated, the respect is achieved, and there is success in the debate, the success in the competition etc. increases, all the effects. Equal benefits are also received by retaining this Baglamukhi Yantra and through Sadhana. Also, from this Baglamukhi Yantra Sadhana the person gets this power in himself.

It is said that in this device, there is the ability to conquer them by fighting fierce and horrendous troubles. By practicing accomplishment in Kalyug, all the work of the Jatak starts to be proven fast. On the middle point of the Yantra, the goddess Bagalamukhi is called and it is also called Pitambari Vidya.

The establishment of Baglamukhi Yantra gets the grace of the mother, who is creating the whole creation. The best way to provoke the mother and receive the grace of mother is only as a heterogeneous Baglamukhi Yantra.

Benefits of the Baglamukhi Yantra

With the help of the Baglamukhi Yantra, all your troubles will be removed and happiness and peace will remain in your family and home.

This Baglamukhi Yantra protects you from evil eyes and enemies.

If you are trapped in a long legal case, then you will definitely benefit from this device.

The people burdened in debt will also benefit from the help of the Baglamukhi Yantra. The effect of this device will improve your financial situation.

If you or any member of your family is suffering from a long or deadly disease, then you will benefit from the establishment of Bagalamukhi Yantra.

Baglamukhi Yantra Details:

  • Size: 4″ x 4″
  • Metal: Copper

Sanctified of Baglamukhi Puja Yantra:

Baglamukhi Yantra is sanctified by the team of expert Pundits and Sages of for the instant effect and ready to use.

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