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Baglamukhi Mala

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Baglamukhi Mala/बगलामुखी माला: Mother Nature is one of the ten Mahavidya forms of the Goddess(Baglamukhi Mala). She is also called Pitambara and Brahmastra. These are itself yellowish with aura and their worship is used in yellow colour. These are considered to be goddesses of pillar power. Lord Vishnu had done penance to pacify Great storm in Saurashtra, and due to this austerity, mother Bagalamukhi(Baglamukhi Mala) had appeared. Their worship is perfect for appeasing to the enemies and opponents and to triumph in the lawsuit(Baglamukhi Mala).

The meditation on Bhagawati Bagalamukhi with Bagalamukhi Mala clarifies that Bagalamukhi completely eliminates the toxins of enemies, discord, contempt and fear; obstructing the path towards Amritatva. The Bagalamukhi Mala of Divine Mother binds the voice and intelligence of the enemies, so the foes cannot conspire against you. The immobilizing of their speech and destruction of their intelligence means that the foes cannot generate discord, problems or obstacles in your life (Baglamukhi Mala).

Bagalamukhi Mala terminates the progress or advancements of the foes. The opposing party cannot despise her devotees and she shatters the fear-causing-foes with her powers; i.e. one can lead a joyous and happy life simply by eliminating all problems and obstacles in life by performing Sadhana-worship of Mother Bagalamukhi with Bagalamukhi Mala.

Mother Bagalamukhi kills the wicked. During Troublesome times, communicate new consciousness. In her meditation or prayer, faith and confidence should be infinite, only then will the auspicious vision of her be upon you. By worshiping them with the Bagalamukhi Mala you can do whatever you want in life. Generally nowadays their highest worshipers with Baglamukhi Mala make rituals in winning elections and defeating their enemies.

If the body is not in control of mind, and the mind is not in control of the body, then this is also an enmity in life. If the foe-like diseases want to control your body, then it is essential to destroy-eliminate these hostile forces (Baglamukhi Mala). If the foe-like stress want to control your mind, then it is necessary to restrict and remove these hostile forces. If you are unable to achieve even half the success compared to the efforts put in, then this is also an obstacle, which is facing you like an enemy and at this juncture of time Bagalamukhi Mala is must.

This Baglamukhi Mala is energized and sanctified by the expert priests and sages of AstroMantra for instant retention.



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