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Chandalini Mala

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Chandalini Mala/चाण्डालिनी माला: The Chandalini Mala is the Mala for avoiding black magic, evil eyes and other exorcism. Chandalini Mala has providential effects which do not allow to the malefic effects to set him against the holder.

Chandalini Mala mantra may be repeated ten thousand times, repeated one thousand times while offering flowers and ghee in a fire sacrifice, or repeated one hundred times while offering water (Arghya) or while offering food to Brahmin priests.

This Chandalini Mala (sacred garland), whether physically constructed or mentally envisioned, is used in worship along with the mantra which is most significant. Offering certain items to a fire sacrifice—particularly those performed at cremation grounds, river banks, forests, or crossroads—while repeating the mantra is said to fulfill specific goals.

An offering of Bael leaves is said to result in kingship; salt gives the power to control; turmeric gives the power to paralyse; neem twigs bring wealth; and an offering of sandalwood, camphor and saffron together or a salt and honey mixture grants the power to attract people. A rice-flour bread prepared while repeating her mantra is said to give the power to attract women. It is likewise said that it is possible to make a person one’s slave by feeding him or her ashes of a crow whose stomach was stuffed with a conch and burnt in a cremation ground while repeating the goddess’ mantra.

In this form, the mother destroys all the enemies and obstacles of the seeker, and then there is no malefic effect of the planet or other obstacle in the life of the seeker. Whoever rejects all in the world, who does not find shelter in anything anywhere in the world, the mother adopts a random Chandalini, and gives the seeker the power, from which all the wealth of the universe appears trivial in front of the seeker.

Ancient sages said that “the introduction of the other existence is also done automatically in holding this Chandalini Mala”. So you also do the spiritual practice of this Chandalini Mala so that you can become full in life.

This Chandalini Mala is duly energized and sanctified by the sages of AstroMantra for its instant effects and make it ready to use.



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