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Chandra Yantra Kavach

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Moon Yantra Pendent: When the moon is unfavourable, there is a failure in every action. In such a situation, Chandra seems to receive favourable results soon after holding or worshiping Moon Yantra by performing or worshiping it. Because of the moon, there are Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha on the earth. This is why the tide is created in the sea only. The influence of the moon on women is considered to be more.

Using a Moon Yantra Pendent to reduce the ill effects of moon, a good remedy can be proved according to astrology, because with the use of lunar instruments, the seeker can reduce the inauspicious results of the moon acting inauspiciously in the horoscope and one can also get the benefits associated with the general and specific characteristics of moon.

Using Moon Yantra can also give good results related to earning wealth to a person, and to some people, this Moon Yantra Pendent can also provide some kind of money benefits. Moon Yantra can also provide a variety of comforts to its people, and this Moon Yantra is also capable of providing artistic and mental peace to the person.

In addition to these objects, Moon Yantra Pendent can also provide auspicious result to the Jatak on the basis of his horoscope, specifically related to the characteristics acquired by the Moon. For example, if moon exhibits its love relationship in a horoscope, then using Moon Yantra Pendent, auspicious results associated with his/her love relationship, such as acquiring a very beautiful and good-natured lover etc. is provided. Thus, the Moon Yantra Pendent can provide different types of results according to their horoscope to different people.

Benefits of Moon Yantra Pendent

The person who is weak, remains with the unstable mind, the persistence of cough and cold remains, those who are suffering from the disease of the blood pressure, problems associated with cough, problems of the heart, the problems of the throat, etc., disturbed persons should wear this Moon Yantra Pendent.

The moon always controls the thoughts and emotions of individuals. Therefore it is very important to stop the negative effects of the moon, such as anger, negative thinking and stress etc. Moon is also a symbol of the realm of relationships. Worshiping the Moon Yantra Pendent brings peace and enthusiasm to life.

Moon Yantra Pendent Metal:

This Moon Yantra made up of clean Silver (99.9% Pure about 5.5 gm by mass) duly energized and sanctified by the expert Pundits of for ready to wear and prompt effects. View All: Kavach Store..

Moon Yantra Pendent Details:

Size: 1 Inch Diameter
Metal: 99.9% Pure Silver
Weight: Approx 5.5 gm by mass

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