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Brihaspati Kavach

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Brihaspati Kavach : According to Indian Vaastu Shastra Jupiter is situated in North-East direction in the House and north-east direction is a very sensitive place in Vaastu because the head of Vaastu Purush is in the same direction. Brihaspati Kavach harnesses the boundless divine energy to generate positivity in and around you. When you awaken the spirits of divinity in you, you will sense the heavenly harmony creeping into your mind and soul! This is a continuous process in which the harmony enhances your power of thinking, and in turn you leave a dynamic impact on your living space.

Brihaspati Kavach is the depository of bouncing radiations that can lift your spiritual spirits and religious faith. These radiations can transform your uncomfortable livelihood into a peaceful, blissful and satisfying career for you by opening doorways to higher learning.

Guru Kavach or Brihaspati Kavach is use to appease the planet Jupiter or Brihaspati. When Jupiter is malefic, the use of Jupiter Kavach/Brihaspati Kavach is very benefice and favourable. Jupiter Kavach negates the malefic effects of planet Jupiter and bestows power, rank and authority. Guru Kavach is best for profession and business. Brihaspati Kavach is capable of removing all pains, afflictions and problems of one’s life.

Each planet is associated with every horoscope. In case your ruling planet is Jupiter and is in a highly unfavourable position, you should war this Guru Kavach. It needs to be worshipped on a Thursday when the moon is at a favourable distance from Jupiter. This Kavach will erase all negative effects of Jupiter and bestow your life with rank, power and authority. This Guru Kavach is also great for business and any kind of profession. This Kavach is ideal for major businesses and profession. The use of this Kavach can be targeted towards eliminating some bad effects on your health and mind. -Brihaspati Kavach.

The Guru Kavach is duly sanctified and sainted by the experts of for instant effects and ready to use. -Brihaspati Kavach.

Brihaspati Kavach /Pendant Metal:

This made up of clean Silver (99.9% Pure about 5.5 gm by mass) duly energized and sanctified by the expert Pundits of for ready to wear and prompt effects. View All: Kavach Store..

Brihaspati Kavach Details:

Size: 1 Inch Diameter
Metal: 99.9% Pure Silver
Weight: Approx 5.5 gm by mass

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