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Saraswati Kavach:Saraswati Kavach acts as Powerful Kavach to transform weak birth planets ruling your Horoscope. From Vedic times, Maa Saraswati offers the blessing of education, intellect, and knowledge. She is also called as Sakala Kaladhishtatri (goddess of arts) and Vak Devi (goddess of communication). The Locket helps tremendously when used with proper remedies recommended. TheKavach prevents various critical diseases. Carefully prepared Yantra aids in improving the skills and the knowledge of the devotee.

Saraswati Kavach acts as a powerful tool for harnessing the power of weak birth planets ruling the educational and professional prospects of your or your child. It helps tremendously when used with the performance of special propitiatory remedies recommended while providing the Special Power Saraswati Kavach. It is also likely to prevent critical diseases wherever the vulnerability exists in the birth chart/horoscope.

The Kavach also called an amulet is a protecting shield in the form of a pendant which is made and energized in an auspiciously elected time. Saraswati Kavach carries the spiritual blessings of the provider of the Saraswati Kavach. It is used for improving the strength of the weak birth benefice planets to enable them to provide protection during the unfavourable natal and transit influences of the planets.

Saraswati  is a boon for those having the exact afflictions of the most malefic planet or the functional malefic planets amongst themselves or with the functional benefice planets. Though they may not feel/realise the impact made by the Special power Saraswati Kavach but the Special power The Kavach is believed to provide tremendous support to the planets under stress. For example, the exact affliction in the case of the lords of the sixth and eighth houses brings setbacks due to ill health or chronic ailments. The application of a Special Power Saraswati Kavach here is believed to reduce the vulnerability to a large extent but how much is difficult to show. Such exact afflictions are very difficult to move without the astral remedies. So the seekers of Saraswati Kavach should clearly understand that there is no way that the effectiveness can be shown or proved in a scientific manner. It is a matter of faith and has to be dealt with accordingly.

Benefits of Saraswati Kavach:

  • It has the energy to enhance the mental power.
  • Saraswati Rudraksha Talisman enhances the memory, creativity, power of willingness knowledge, meditation; will to concentrate, study and understanding and to overcome the depression, dullness and inferiority complex.
  • Saraswati Kavach helps to gain success in studies & increases knowledge and academic power.
  • To get protected from the malefic effects caused by planet Venus and Mercury.

Energizing of Saraswati Kavach:

The Kavach is sanctified and energized by the team of expert Pundits and Sages of for instant effects and ready to use.



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