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Saraswati Vidya kavach

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Saraswati Vidya Kavach: Saraswati Vidya Kavach acts as a powerful tool for harnessing the power of weak birth planets ruling the educational and professional prospects of you or your child. It helps tremendously when used with the performance of special propitiatory remedies recommended while providing the Special Power Saraswati Vidya Kavach. It is also likely to prevent critical diseases wherever the vulnerability exists in the birth chart/horoscope.

Saraswati Vidya Kavach also called an amulet is a protecting shield in the form of a pendant which is made and energized in an auspiciously elected time. Special Power Saraswati Kavach carries the spiritual blessings of the provider of the Saraswati Kavach. It is used for improving the strength of the weak birth benefice planets to enable them to provide protection during the unfavorable natal and transit influences of the planets.

Shri Saraswati Vidya Kavach – This Kavach is associated with Goddess Saraswati (knowledge and Education) with her blessings encompassed in, this Locket becomes what it actually is. One side of the Locket has an image of Goddess Saraswati and other side has an image of Saraswati Yantra is embellished. It is embellished upon silver.

Goddess Saraswati is regarded as Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge, intellect, creativity and education, Learning, Music and Fine Arts. This divine Kavach is charged by Maha Saraswati Mantra. It is highly effective for students who suffered from breakups in education and suffering from adverse effects of Jupiter/Mercury/Rahu. It sharpens the mind of its wearer and improves grasping energy, memory power and concentration. It ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations. It is a known remedy for mental disorders, weak intellectual growth and lunacy. This Kavach can be also used by businessmen, professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and people involved in creative activities. -Saraswati Vidya Kavach.

Saraswati Vidya Kavach /Pendant Metal:

This made up of clean Silver (99.9% Pure about 5.5 gm by mass) duly energized and sanctified by the expert Pundits of for ready to wear and prompt effects. View All: Kavach Store..

Saraswati Vidya Kavach Details:

Size: 1 Inch Diameter
Metal: 99.9% Pure Silver
Weight: Approx 5.5 gm by mass



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    5 out of 5

    Very effective for studies..

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