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Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja

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Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja for Pitra Dosha Related Problems

As the name implies, it is clear that paternity is the reason that our forefathers do not have proper Shraddha Karma due to problems in the home. Pitra Dosh is there or not, it is also known by the horoscope of a human being. Its direct method is that if one of the planets of the Rahu-Ketu with the Sun or Moon in the horoscope is sitting then it is called Pitra Dosh.

In astrology, the sun is called the father; the moon is called the mother. If there is Rahu or Ketu with either of these two planets, then these planets become contaminated. This is called Pitra Dosha itself. If there is Pitra Dosha then many problems arise. For their peace, Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja is performed, in which for all known or unknowingly the ancestors it is worshiped.

When our ancestors see their family with a microscopic body, and realize that their family members do not show respect to them nor do they have any affection or love, nor do they remember them on any occasion. , Nor do they try to repay their debt, and then these souls become unhappy and curse their descendants, which are called “Pitra Dosha”.

Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja is an invisible obstacle. This hindrance is due to the rustiness of the ancestors. There can be many reasons for the dissatisfaction of the ancestors, due to your conduct, any mistake made by a family while doing Shraddha etc., due to any error in the funeral karma.

Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja Benefits 

Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja is an auspicious act of tranquilizing the departed souls to undo the negative effects of the malicious planets in our birth chart.

Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja is an antidote for our worries and helps us to revive back the positivity, within and around us. It recovers the abrupt halt towards our progress and helps us to progress again. This Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja is performed for the pacification of the manes and to get rid of the Pitra Dosh in the Horoscope. It rejuvenates our life and solves the unsolved mysteries to lead a happy, peaceful and stable life by seeking our ancestor’s blessings.

Who should Perform this Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja

Pitra Dosh is a fault in horoscope, which generally occurs due to the ‘Karma’ of an individual and lack of services provided to the ancestors. Those who are suffering from this Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja must perform.

  • If the person faces complication while having a baby or continuous miscarriages
  • Is there a regular financial issue and heavy debt in the family
  • The person constantly failing in your career and educational life
  • Delay in marriage and problems in finding a right life partner

The Key features of Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja

  1. Veda Shanti Paath & Shiva, Surya Deva & Pitra Deva Awahan
  2. Sankalpa(Manokamna) as your requirements
  3. Ganesha, Shiva, Durga, Navgrha, Kalash and Pitra Deva Puja for Pitri Dosh Shanti
  4. Special worship of “Mangal Mandal” Bhaat Puja
  5. “Pitri Deva Yantra” Praan Prathishtha Puja
  6. “Pitri Deva Puja Mandal” Viniyoga & Body Nyasa
  7. Pitri Deva MantraOm Mam SarpaPitriParsanno Bhava….etc” as per requirement.
  8. Recite Pitri Shanti Path daily 27 Times 7 Days
  9. Pitri Deva Mantra Dashansha or Pitri Deva Mantra Yajna & Purnahuti
  10. Shiva and Mangal Dev Aarti
  11. End of Ceremony with Pushpanjali

Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja Note

The complete footage CD of Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja & Yajna will be sent to the seeker with Prasad, Yantra, Kavach, Moli etc.

Shipping Information


International Charges

US $32 for shipment weighing up to 500 grams applicable for following countries: USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Poland. Belgium, France, Bangladesh, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Nepal.

US $34 for shipment weighing up to 500 grams applicable to rest of the world including: Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Congo, Greece, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mozambique, Norway, Panama, Reunion Island, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago.

Shipping Time 7 to 10 Business Days, Via Indian Speed Post, Aramex, DHL, Fedex etc. 

National Charges

  • For Shipping in all Over India charges Flat Rate 55 (applicable within India only).
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) Not Available, because all of our products are fully energized ready to use once their packing is opened, the energy of those products is connected to you to give you the benefits. If the packet is open, and you want to Return then it may not be possible.
  • Shipping Time 3 to 5 Business Days, Via Shiprocket Logistics.

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