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Palmistry Book/पामिस्ट्री पुस्तक

Palmistry is an important book. Palmistry, is not readily available in the market, this book is written by Prof. Dayanand, this Palmistry Book has been published by Books For All, New Delhi, this book has 199 pages.

Content List of the Palmistry Book

According to the content list of the book, the contents are duly expressed in a simple language for the convenience of the readers. The matters are mentioned here under. The hand, lines on the palm, signs on the palm, lines as indicators of life expectancy and important events in life, questions relating to wealth, property, business, profession, signs indicating health, disease and longevity, remedies are scientific, some yogic remedies, gems and metal to deal with the malefic, hand reading, hand lines, which is an integral part of Palmistry Book.

Benefits of Palmistry Book

  • Reading the book of Palmistry gives information about palmistry.
  • Reading the Palmistry Book, you can understand the significance of lines and signs on palm.
  • Reading the Palmistry Book you can answer the questions relating to love marriage, profession, wealth etc.

Description of Palmistry Book

Some of the readers might have a rudimentary knowledge of the subject before they chance upon this work and there might be others who are entering into this field of study for the first time. Keeping in mind the needs of both these categories of readers the work has been divided into four parts.

Part I includes the basic elements of palmistry so as to provide a grounding for those who want to understand this branch of science. After having gone into this part fresher can better understand the material provided further and others can refresh their knowledge.

Part II includes, in proper sequence tested formulae for reading the lines of the hand. In the earlier work ALL THE SECRETS OF PALMISTRY the lines, mounts and fingers have been dealt with in separate chapters. That is the proper method if one wants to understand the rudiments of palmistry. But a palmist’s client come to consult him with specific questions in mind, like, when will his financial problems be solved? When would he marry? When would he regain health, or undertake travel to foreign lands or win in an ongoing litigation?

In Part III the author says that no questions can be answered from a study of one or two lines. All the signs of the hand have to be studied.

Palmistry Book Details:
  • Book Publisher: Books For All
  • Book Author: Prof. Dayanand
  • Book Pages: 200 Pages Book
  • Books Size: “14” x “11” cm
  • Weight: 300 gm (Approx)
  • Edition of Book: 2012 Edition

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