Online Puja FAQ/पूजा प्रशन-उत्तर

Online Puja FAQ/पूजा प्रशन-उत्तर: Puja or Pooja means worship. Puja is an expression of one’s devotion, reverence and gratitude to the Gods. Puja originates from the word ‘Pu-Chey’ meaning worship.

Puja is an expression of devotion is not measured in terms of the material or financial value of things we give. The Shastra says that the Lord is pleased more by the devotee’s desire to worship Him than by the actual act of worship. Here again, the Lord is pleased and gives whatever is asked. It is the attitude behind the worship that really counts, not the activity itself. Attitudes cannot be measured in physical terms. The term Puja is now used to include all forms of worship, ranging from the simple daily offerings of flowers, fruit, leaves, rice, sweetmeats and water to the deities in homes.

Yajna is a rite of displaying our compassion towards the God in the form of Vedic rites. One of the vital aspects of Yajna is to establishing a bond with the Gods. Yajna is a form of a psychic bridge to develop relationship with the supreme. Yajna are performed for various purposes like to manifest positivity in life, to resolve a certain situation or to bring desired changes for better. Hence, Yajna can be termed as a wish manifestation tool by expressing one gratitude and love towards the creator. Yajna is a sacred access for mankind to gel with the Gods grace. Yajna confer multiple benefits and are accomplished to achieve several endeavours.

The pure consciousness manifested in the form of space. Then out of space, wind was created. Out of wind, fire was created and out of fire, water was created and out of water, earth was created.

Fire is the subtest element yet perceivable by eyes. So in the Vedic Hindu tradition, fire is used as a medium to invoke the presence of God. In a Yajna the priest first meditates on the Lord and energizes the space. This energy is transferred to the air element by the chanting of mantras, which in turn energizes the fire in the Yajna kunda – the sacred fire receptacle. The energy built up in the fire is then transferred to the water in the Kalasas – the water pots kept there. The water when sprinkled or poured on us / on a Deity transfers the whole energy on to the Earth element.

Also the fire is the medium through which the formless energy assumes the form and the matter with the form gets back to its original state of energy. Devi Meenakshi is said to have emerged out of Yajna fire.

Pujas and Yajna are divine processes and it needs an atmosphere and place wherein if these are done, it gives immediate effect. The places are meant for Pujas and Yajna which are sanctified, energized and purified in Vedic ways, which may not be available in other places. Your presence is not compulsory. If you want to come you are welcome, but without your coming even it is done and the Sankalp is done through phone. This process we have adopted for two reasons. In present time due to busy schedule of work you may not be able to give required time and second point is to search a sanctified place according to Vedic rituals which are hardly available now a days.

Why Online Yajna and Puja from Astro Mantra?

  • Authentic Brahmins from Gurukuls, karmakandi priests who are doing Pujas from last three generations.
  • We have successfully conducted: Ati Rudra Yajna, Vishnu Maha Yajna, Maha Rudra Abhisheka, SatChandi Path, Navagraha Pujas, Shri Vidya, Black magic removal and several other Pujas.
  • Ready team of a big number of learned priests specialized in Vedic Shastrokat Pujas. Ready 9-11 Kunda Yajna Shalas.
  • We specialize and perform only individual Yajna. No group homas.
  • Call the priest during your Puja and give the Sankalp over the phone

FAQ & Online Puja Process & Benefits (पूजा प्रशन-उत्तर):

(Q) What is the process of performing online Puja through Astro Mantra?

(A) The time you would like to order Puja online. You can avail free consultation for Puja from our team of experts.

  • You need to specify birth details and Sankalp (wish for the Puja) while placing order.
  • We would email you the Puja schedule after discussion with the Priests and as per your convenience.
  • You have an option to call the Priest to hear Sankalp and mantra chanting during the Puja.
  • We would send you video CD and Prasad through courier. Read more..
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