Online Puja Process/ऑनलाइन पूजा विधान

(Q) What is the process of performing online Puja through Astro Mantra?

(A) The time you would like to order Puja online. You can avail free consultation for Puja from our team of experts.

  • You need to specify birth details and Sankalp (wish for the Puja) while placing order.
  • We would email you the Puja schedule after discussion with the Priests and as per your convenience.
  • You have an option to call the Priest to hear Sankalp and mantra chanting during the Puja.
  • We would send you video CD and Prasad through courier.

(Q) May I know for how long it will be effective?

(A) The effects of a Puja will help in removing the immediate obstacles instantly. After that the benefits are acquired on a gradual basis. The Puja conducted by us give you long lasting benefits as those are conducted by highly reputed and experienced priests in our own premises. Kindly follow the link below to know more about our puja services.

(Q) Where does Astro Mantra perform Pujas?

(A) Astro Mantra conducts all the rites and rituals at its own puja centre that has been spiritually sanctified and energized in accordance with Vastu principles.

(Q) Why Astro Mantra for Pujas? Do online Pujas really benefit, even when the person for whom the puja done is not present?

(A) The team of our priests perform Pujas in the most authentic way and proper Vedic rituals. Even if the person is not present, the Sankalp and Puja have a tremendous effect which the person can feel instantly. Several clients have reported positive effects instantly after doing online Pujas.

(Q) An I personally attend my puja when performed at your premises?

(A) Yes, of course. You can attend your puja in person. If you can’t attend, your family members or friends anyone can. You may even opt for Live streaming of puja performed.

(Q) How will I know if my puja was successfully completed?

(A) You will receive a Puja completion Email and thereafter a Video CD from our puja service team on the successful completion of your puja.

  • After the successful completion of puja, the following items are sent to you:
  • The Puja ceremony CD, Energized Prasad, holy thread, Rudraksha bead if any and Yantra etc. will be sent to you immediately.

(Q) Why is Astro Mantra for Vedic Pujas and Yajna?

(A) We provide the best possible services which ensure the prompt and providential effects. The person, on whom the Puja is done, instantly can feel a change.

Our team of priests and Brahmins from Gurukuls, karmakandi (bound to oath) and has been successfully performing rituals since long. They have successfully conducted Pujas such as Dosha Nivaran Pujas, Chandi Paath, Dus Mahavidya Yajnas, and Navagraha Pujas, Mantra Sidhhi chanting, Nakshatra puja, Sanskaras, Maha Rudra, Ati Rudra Yajnas and many other pujas.

Pujas are conducted based on authentic Vedic texts and with proper rituals. Our priests find out a suitable date and time to start every puja based on your convenience and date of birth. We then ask your Sankalp (wish) for this puja. We will provide you the priest’s contact number to call during the Sankalp taking or if you wish anytime during the puja duration.

You will be provided with the mantra text and audio file to chant during the puja. You can also avail an alternative; you can watch your ritual live over the Internet. You also have the option to record the ceremony in a DVD, which is sent to you after the completion of the puja.