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Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra (2X2)

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Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra/सौन्दर्योत्मा अप्सरा यंत्र:According to Hindu religion, a Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra is an emblematic diagram that possesses supernatural powers in astrological benefits or maybe magical. These diagrams are mainly used in Eastern religions for balancing the mind on spiritual concepts. The diagrams in the Yantras have different shapes and patterns employed in it.

Apsara is the most beautiful, charming and supernatural celestial female being in the Heaven, among the Devlok (Gods) and Rambha is the queen of all Apsaras. The king of gods, Indra requested her many times to seduce the sages and break their meditation, so as to test their purity.

‘Sadhana’ is a “disciplined spiritual practice”. In Apsara Sadhana we need Apsara Rosary, Perfume, Jasmine flowers garland or Two Roses, some sweets and Apsara Yantra or photo which you can get from market,

Over a score of ancient spiritual treaties and texts make a fleeting reference to a unique ritual that could be suffixed to any Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra for assuring success in winning over the grace of gods and goddesses and the various deities. Yet in spite of its magnificent boons no text details its procedure.

Ritual realms this Sadhana proves equally wondrous in the mundane sphere. For one in love it comes as a miraculous means of achieving success in wooing one’s sweetheart. Winning over seen a stranger, allaying differences between lovers, revitalizing an old tepid relation, and cheering up a sulking partner are amazing results that can be worked through Soundarya Apsara Sadhana by a Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra.

Soundaryatama Apsara Sadhana do not involve much chanting or formality, they only appreciate the beauty, innocence, purity, truthfulness of your hearts feelings. The pompous use of fragrance, flowers, perfume, incense, etc is symbological to the beauty of our heart that we try to express during the Sadhana process this type of Sadhana is an ongoing process and can be accomplished only with patience. When it’s mentioned that this Sadhana is accomplished in 1,3,7,11,21 or 40 days its actually true. But most of us will not see her at the end of the Sadhana because she exists in the astral plane. Most of us cannot claim to have reached this plane of existence or else there would be no problems in life as there are unlimited possibilities in this kind of existence. So even when she is with you may not know and feel sad. At this point any Sadhana that increase your intuition, your meditative power should be able to help you sense her, feel her presence e.g aatma chetna Sadhana or kundalini Sadhana. I feel sorry to say that people do not want to take risks in Sadhana, they want immediate fulfillment like they are buying a commodity. Apsara can come to you even without calling her name, or by just remembering her or in 1 or 21 days Sadhana and if she is not to come you may keep trying for years without seeing any result because it all depends on how well you listen and trust your heart.

Details of Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra:

  • Size: 2”X 2”
  • Weight: 9.5 gm
  • Metal: Copper

Sanctified and Energized Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra:

Soundaryatama Apsara Yantra is sanctified by the team of expert Pundits and Sages of for the instant effect and ready to use.

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