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Shree Mahakali Yantra

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Shree Mahakali Yantra/महाकाली यंत्र : This is perceived highly beneficial and potent enough to save the person from many negative reflections from the surroundings. It wipes out the ill-effects of strong black magic and witch craft as even they can’t stand in front of this divine Yantra. Besides this, it won’t let any evil spirit or ghosts harm the individual and Goddess Maha Kali will defend him from all invisible obstacles as well. Shree Mahakali Yantra is also believed to be good for reducing malefic effects of bad planetary placements with special significance towards planet Saturn.

At the whole, Maha Kali Yantra wipes out all the pain, misfortunes and sorrows from the life path of human beings and leads him or her through the well paved path towards happiness and harmony at the platter of success. It enhances affluence and dominance besides which it reduces some health problems also as comprising paralysis, nervous disorder and blood & heart problems and provides longevity to the devotee. In the end, it fulfils all the desires and wishes of the person.

This benevolent Yantra liberates people from the ill-effects of any black-magic that is done on them and imparts spiritual power to negate the effects of any evil that they may have harbored When people suffer from chronic diseases such as nervous disorders, anxiety, depression, paralysis or high blood pressure, the Mahakali Yantra can easily take care of it. While performing Puja for this Yantra, one has to keep the image of Kali as Bhadra Kali in her mind.  The Yantra includes a central point, five inverted triangles, eight petals and three circles. For this Yantra, the devotee has to perform special Puja on the 8th day of Chaitra, Ashadh, Shravan and Magh months of the vikrami year. This is a powerful and exceptional Yantra and the devotee has to follow all instructions from an expert Pundit for best results.

Shree Mahakali Yantra comprises a central point holding five inverted triangles, three circles and eight petals inside and outside. This Yantra includes four doors and is generally engraved upon silver or copper plate.

Benefits of Shree Mahakali Yantra:

Shree Mahakali Yantra bestows spiritual power, and results in fulfillment of desires, increase in wealth and comforts of life. This Yantra is also a remedy against chronic diseases like blood pressure, paralysis and nervous disorders. It also bestows longevity to the person who worships this Yantra regularly.

This Yantra bestows fulfillment of desires, wealth, and comforts of life and is used for Mohan, Vashikaran purposes. Lot of power is infused after Pooja and Yantra is capable of controlling enemies to not do any harm.

Details of Shree Mahakali Yantra:

  • Size: 4″x 4″
  • Metal: Gold Plated

Sanctified of Shree Mahakali Yantra:

Shree Mahakali Yantra supplied by us are duly sanctified and energized by the team of expert Pundits and Sages of for instant effects and ready to use.

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