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Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra: Magnificent brass Chowki in temple design beholds Lord Ganesha Idol in centre surrounded by images of Ashtavinayak (eight forms of Ganesha) and Ganesha Yantra on top with domed glass.

For fulfillment of all your unfulfilled desires and aspiration, Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra is a noteworthy option to go for. The term Asht mainly refers to  eight  when Siddhi is a perfect example of fulfillment. The real meaning of this Yantra depicts the mere possessions, which might result in some big actions someday. This Yantra helps in bearing good luck along with making life values of the owner desirable, like in his dreams. This Yantra is a perfect way to enrich your needs and help the individual run in his own path of choice. Wishes and aspiration of person tends to be true after devotional use of this Yantra. They are now blessed with knowledge, intellect, intelligence, confidence and even family progress as some of the major actions.

Lord Ganesha is the god of intelligence, success and wealth. Lord Ganesha is also the lord of obstacles. As per Hindu belief, Lord Ganesha is one of the most important deities and in every pooja people perform Ganesha Pooja. Therefore by worshipping lord Ganesha one gets rid of obstacles and in addition to that he also attains success in accomplishing the tasks undertaken. The financial problems get eradicated and the devotee becomes intelligent also.

It helps in changing your luck for the betterment, and also bring desirable outcomes. It also help to manifest someone’s deepest desires, which remained unfulfilled for long.

It is a preferred Yantra for enriching confidence, knowledge and wisdom, to form a complete package. Moreover, it again helps in proper family progress, as related to the present and some futuristic outcomes, as well.

It is the best medicine to avail favors from seniors along with availing power, finance and authority from some reputed and much needed sources.

It helps in offering the owner with courage against various forms of odds and also ensures proficient success in more or less everything you lay your hands on. It is your sole key towards success, in one word.

If you are willing to kick start any of your spiritual practices, this Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra can prove to be a daunting task. It helps in forming an agreeable contact with special side effects.

This powerful Chowki carries divine energies of all eight forms of Lord Ganesha – Shri Mayureshwar, Shri Siddhivinayak, Shri Ballaleshwar, Shri Varadavinayak, Shri Chintamani, Shri Girijatmaj, Shri Vighnahar and Shri Mahaganapati.  This magnificent Chowki is a pooja altar in itself which can be used for regular worship of Lord Ganesha and His forms. It can be placed in North or East or North-East corner of your home or office or place of business.

Product Details of Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra:

  • Height: 5.5 inches
  • Base Dimension: 5″ (L) x 5″ (W)
  • Weight: 856 gm

Energizing Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra:

This Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra is duly energized on Kaalratri, Deepawali, Holi, Navaratri and Eclipse periods by the accomplishment of the Mantra of Ganesha by chanting more than a million times by the sages, and Pundits of Astro Mantra Institution. This performance made this Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra completely awakened and made it full effective so that one can have the full benefit of it. One can find many types in the market but effectiveness cannot be compared at all because those are not awakened. The locally available Yantras are lifeless which cannot give the expected result. Therefore insist on the Asht Siddhi Vinayak Chowki Yantra energized according to Vedic system and if established according to the Vedic rules, it will give you a feeling of something which you have never experienced. It is a rare Yantra.



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