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Bhavanvastushastra Book/भवनवास्तुशास्त्र पुस्तक

Bhavanvastushastra is an important book, Bhavanvastushastra Book is not easily available, this book has been written by Pt. Ramesh Chandra Sharma, published by Mayuresh Prakashan, Kishangarh, Rajasthan, in this book 424 pages.

Content list of the Bhavanvastushastra Book

According to the content list of the book, the contents are duly expressed in a simple language for the convenience of the readers. The matters are mentioned here under. Bhoom and Bhoomi Sukh, Shani and Awas Sukh, Bhoomi Makan Sukh Other Yoga, Bhagya and Graha Yoga, according to Tantra Shastra and Lal Kitab, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Planetary fruits, Totke, Remedy, Scientific Meaning of Vastu, Grahamandalayan, which is an important part of the Bhavanvastushastra Book.

Benefits of the Bhavanvastushastra Book

  • By reading Bhavanvastushastra Book, one gets to know the important subjects of Vastu.
  • You can understand the importance of Vastu condition of the planets by reading Bhavanvastushastra Book.
  • You can know the status of your plot with the Bhavanvastushastra Book.

Description of the Bhavanvastushastra Book

This book carries details on Vastu Shastra and various Vastu Shastra remedies. It is believed in Vastu Shastra that before the construction of a building, a proper plot should be selected and its land tested. By doing this, members residing there after building can avoid many kinds of problems. Some principles and methods related to soil testing are described in Vastu, which are very accurate even on scientific basis. According to the rules, the building should be done only if the soil is suitable. If there is any defect in the soil, it will be better to build the building only after it is rectified.

The energy source will also include magnetic, thermal and electrical energy. When we use all these energies in our daily life, it is only natural for them to have an impact on you. These effects can be both positive and negative.

Vastu can be used for any type of house, temple or office. So that the negative effects of energy flowing around us can be avoided. If there is disturbance in the combination of magnetic, thermal and electrical energy, its effect starts to affect our body and thoughts negatively.

Just as there is a right place to keep every energy like – if you keep water in your hand then nothing happens but when you do this with fire, your hand will burn. Vastu Shastra works to maintain a combination of energies so that it can be used for human welfare.

Bhavanvastushastra Book Details:
  • Book Publisher: Mayuresh Prakashan
  • Book Author: Pt. Rameshchandra Sharma
  • Books Pages: 424 Pages
  • Books Size: “22” x “14” cm
  • Weight: 527 gm Approx
  • Edition of Book: 2014 Edition

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