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Shree Nath Siddh Kavach Book

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Shree Nath Siddh Kavach/श्री नाथ सिद्ध कवच: This book is a repository of spirituality. Yogi Vilasanath ji also describes the method of text in it. In this booklet, description of Shri Goraksh Mythology, Sri Goraksh Suktam, Aarti and psalm are given. In it, the regular prayer of Sri Goraksh meditation, Shri Goraksh mythology, Sri Nath Siddha Kavcham (Law Legislation of Text), Prasad Bhog Method, Guru Goraksh Aarti and Traditional Prayer of Nath Cult, Book Summary and Law, Havan Rule, The rules of the Granth Ritual and some prevailing verses are given. This book is written so intuitive and beautiful that a devotee and a householder with all the curious tendencies can worship Shree Nath with intuitive ease.

By sitting in the secluded place, in a temple, Samadhi or in the rosin, by creating the book and holding the posture in front of it, the Nirguna form and Saguna form of both forms, blessings  can be obtained by performing ritual worship of Chaurasi Siddha adoration. -Shree Nath Siddh Kavach.

श्री नाथ सिद्ध कवच/Shree Nath Siddh Kavach: यह पुस्तिका आध्यात्म का एक भंडार है। योगी विलासनाथ जी ने इसमें पाठ विधि का भी वर्णन किया है। इस पुस्तिका में श्री गोरक्ष रहस्यम्, श्री गोरक्ष सूक्तं एवं आरती और भजन का विवरण दिया हुआ है। इसमें नित्य-विधि, श्री गोरक्ष ध्यानम्, श्री गोरक्ष रहस्यम्, श्री नाथ सिद्ध कवचम् (पाठ के विधि विधान), श्री नाथ सिद्ध कवचम्, प्रसाद भोग विधि, गुरु गोरक्ष आरती एवं नाथ सम्प्रदाय की पारंपरिक प्रार्थना, ग्रन्थ सारांश एवं विधि, हवन विधि, ग्रन्थ अनुष्ठान के नियम और कुछ प्रचलित श्लोक दिया हुआ है। यह पुस्तिका इतना सहज और सुन्दर भाव से लिखा हुआ है कि जिसमे विरक्त और गृहस्थ सभी जिज्ञासु प्रवृत्ति वाले उपासक सहज भाव से श्री नाथ उपासना कर सकते है।

एकांत स्थल में मंदिर, समाधि या धूना के पास बैठकर यह ग्रन्थ मंडल तैयार करके उसके सन्मुख आसन लगाकर निर्गुण स्वरुप एंड सगुण स्वरुप दोनों ही प्रकार से भावातीत अवस्था में चौरासी सिद्धों की उपासना अनुष्ठान करके उनके आशीर्वाद प्राप्त किया जा सकता है। -Shree Nath Siddh Kavach.

About Shree Nath Siddh Kavach Book Author:

Yogi Vilasnath ji a divine figure, a doyen of Nath Sampradaya was born 19 September 1957 is a famous Guru of Natha Tradition, who is making a lot of efforts for the development and spreading of tradition in India and abroad. Yogi Vilasnath is the main successor of Shri Baba Anandanath Maharaj and the Mahant of Om Shiv Goraksha Panchayatan Mandir. He is widely known in the Tradition owing to his extensive knowledge, his books and paintings. -Shree Nath Siddh Kavach.

Yogi Vilasnath had been next to his Guru for over 20 years and with his blessings written many important books on nath’s practices, particularly the well-known of them is “Shri Nath Rahasya” which contains almost all of mantras and rituals of Nathas, and nearly every Nath-yogi has this book. He is the author of Shri Goraksha Chalisa, Shri Natha Siddha Kawacha that is also known in India. -Shree Nath Siddh Kavach.

During his long life near Guru, among Nath-yogis and sadhus, traveling over all India, Yogi Vilasnath acquired great experience in perceiving of Soul and Eternal, supreme knowledge, in meditation on the different forms of God and Goddess. He also had experience in Samadhi in different condition like in water, wine, ground, on the trees etc. These were the milestones or foundation towards Vilasnathji’s way to Moksha. During his spirit journey Yogi Vilasnath had discovered Author, Painter & great Orator inside him; he wrote many books which are very much helpful Nath Sampraday as well as Common Man. He went on draw many wall paintings at Galana, Maharashtra at his Guruji’s Ashram & also at Guru Gorakshnath Temple Hardwar. Hardwar is also the place where Nath Sampradaya is having its strong presence and is ever expanding. Hardwar itself is a place having long history; it is place where King Bhartrihari meditated at the place where now a huge and famous temple of Guru Gorakshanath is standing. For a long time Yogi Vilasnath was the Main Pujari in this Mandir. -Shree Nath Siddh Kavach.

Shree Nath Siddh Kavach Book Description:

  • Book Size: 8.4X5.3 Inch
  • Book Pages: 91 Pages
  • Edition of Book: 2008
  • Weight: 103 Gram Approx


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