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H N Katve (एच.एन. काटवे)

H N Katve (Hemavanta Nemasa) was born on 6 February 1892 in a Kshatriya family in Shahpur, Belagavi, Karnataka. Despite being Kannada in origin, Hemavanta Nemasa Katve could converse in Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, and English. Took the hobby of astrology from his maternal uncle and later his interest increased. After becoming proficient in the subject, he stayed in Kashi for a few years. Later he also wrote in Jyotish Bhaskar and Jyotish Deep magazines. H N Katve reached Nagpur in the year 1936.

Thereafter, this devotee of Hanuman Ji used to enjoy tasting the fun of those who debate on astrology. H N Katve addicted to tea and a lover of snuff used to meditate for three to four hours while sitting. Gave information to his circle of friends a year ago and left the world on 11 August 1949. A collection of astrological articles written in a simple manner that can be understood by the common man has come in the form of Jyotish Darshan’s book.

Today in the Astrology Books series Hemant Nemasa H N Katve book Dev Vichar Mala. It is a book with some sentences from his books that keep on agitating every now and then. According to people’s experience, the fruits of the planets are not visible in the lives of salaried, idlers, lazy, teachers, professors, clerks, landlords, living on ancestral property, and people with fixed incomes. The effects of planets will be more visible in the lives of people whose life is more independent in nature. (H N Katve)


For those whose children die at a young age or do not have children at all, their families see small children in their dreams, and scenes of fighting and quarrels are seen in their dreams. If there is Jupiter-Venus conjunction at the time of birth, then it is poverty-stricken, but these people are very intelligent. The Sun is heat-producing in Aries and beneficial and soothing in Libra, that is, it has a bad effect in the high zodiac and benefits in the low zodiac. ‘


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