Pitra Dosha, पितृ दोष

Pitra Dosha/पितृ दोष

Pitra Dosha/पितृ दोष: Though our deeds are good and we may have not committed any crime, our family members face one trouble or other and do not get rid of the problems. The belief makes us analyze what wrong we would have done in the past or present life and it is because of our Karmic debt or Pitra Dosha, the family members face unexpected hardships and difficulties which are inevitable, they are repeatedly affected by some of the inherited diseases, transferred from one generation to the other, like cystic fibrosis, Down Syndrome, mental Sub-normality, diabetes, asthma, most cancers, heart attack as a result of cardiovascular disease are the best examples of hereditary diseases. पितृ दोष

The ninth house in a person’s natal chart is considered the house of father, ancestors, fame and fortune. A conjunction of Sun and Rahu in this house and other planetary combinations indicates Pitra Dosha, which erases all auspiciousness from the house of luck. Pitra Dosha (पितृ दोष) in a horoscope indicates that a person has not done enough for his ancestors or that they remained dissatisfied with him for some reason. Pitra Dosha can also result when a family member dies an unnatural death or if someone has not offered his respects to the souls of deceased loved ones.

Pitra Dosha generally brings sorrows in the life of an individual. This may come in the form of money loss, household conflicts, law suits or an inability to conceive a child and difficulties on the career front. The person who suffers from Pitra Dosha will not benefit from luck and ends up struggling on nearly every front in life. पितृ दोष

Problems due to Pitra Dosha: If quadrants (Kendra) or trine Definition: An arc of 120°.a most harmonious aspect….

Houses Definition: These are twelve sections of zodiac circle having 360° numbered clockwise Ascendant is known as the first house and the last house is known as the twelfth house each house represents specific traits used for prediction….

(Trikona) are posited with Shubh Grahas (benefices) in the individual’s astrological birth chart, the problems are minimized and there is no need to worry.

One May face any of the Following Problems due to the Presence of Pitra Dosha in horoscope:

  1. Obstacles in education and delay in growth of career or no improvement in financial situation of either self or children.
  2. Delay in marriage of progeny or self, divorce or problems in married life of self or children, which make us, think or analyze what wrong we would have done in the past or present life.
  3. Problem in conceiving or repeated miscarriage.
  4. Accidents or sudden deaths in the family.
  5. Inherited diseases and prolonged illness to the family members.
  6. Mental sub- normality in the child.
  7. Birth of physically disabled or unwanted child.
  8. One or another trouble through children. Disrespect to parents or humiliating behaviour from progeny.
  9. Disputes in the family.
  10. Never ending poverty.
  11. Addiction.
  12. People always remain under debts and are unable to clear their debts despite of all their best efforts.

According to the Hindu scriptures, by satisfying our forefathers who are no more in this world, we can have blessings for happy and peaceful worldly life.

Pitra Dosha Remedies:

Last Rites:

If you are observing Pitri Paksha, you will have to perform a shraddh ceremony, and invite people as well as holy men to attend the feast. The feast is held to oblige the unrequited desires of departed souls and help it on its way to higher realms. Feeding people during the Pitri Pasha helps not only departed ancestors, but the performer is also liberated from past karma. For the same reason, there is the tradition of feeding cows and beggars during this time.

Brahmin Bhoj:

You can feed a number of Brahmins during this period, so that their blessings will accrue to your departed ancestors. On the day, imagine that the Brahmins are your departed ancestors and serve them sumptuous food. Treat them with respect and offer them all hospitality, as you would treat your departed ones. Give them some “Dakshina” (fees). You can show your respect for the Brahmins by touching their feet and seeking their blessing.

Pind Daan:

Take a handful of cooked rice and mix it with sesame seeds and shape into balls. Touch the rice ball and invoke your ancestors and meditate on them. Sprinkle some black sesame seeds along with water on the pind; add some curd on the ball. Offer sandalwood paste and some flowers to this pind and respectfully place it where birds or animals can eat it.


Tarpan is the offering of water to Gods, sages and the souls of ancestors. Donating water is above all punya (good deeds) that one can perform in their lifetime. Tarpan is performed on the banks of a river or lake. Offering of water (tarpan) to deities is done using the finger tips, while water is offered to the deceased ancestors’ souls with the thumb and the first finger of the hand.

Pitra Sukha Puja:

Other Pitra Dosha removing remedy includes the Pitri Sukha Puja, which is done on ‘Amavasya’ (No Moon) and ‘Chaturdashi.’ In addition, chanting Gayatri Mantra and gazing at the sun at sunrise can strengthen the position of Sun in the horoscope and helps reduce the impact of Pitra Dosha in one’s life.

Pitra Dosha Nivaran Mantra:

“ॐ मम सर्व पितृ प्रसन्नो भव: मुक्ति भव: ॐ”
“Om Mam Sarv Pitra Prsanno Bhava Mukti Bhava Om”

Pitri Dosha Nivaran Puja should include chanting of the Pitra Dosha Nivaran Mantra to pacify the souls of the departed ones.

Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja:

At Rudra Centre, we perform Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja on your behalf as per Vedic rituals. The puja will include Pitri Aradhana, mantra chanting, tarpan, offering of food to eight Brahmins, donation to Brahmins (clothes and money), feeding of cows, dogs, crow and beggars to appease an individual’s departed forefathers. Read more..