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Gemstones FAQ/Gemstones Questions (रत्न-प्रशन): (Q) What is Gemstone Remedies?

(A) he Indian astrology is a good thing to the humans given by the ancient saints to guide them in all aspects of life. These aspects are divided into 12 planets of your horoscope. Some planets are benefices and some are malefic. Gemstones are the remedial solution provided to person to increase the strength of benefice planets and decrease the strength of malefic planets. Gemstones are the Read more..

Gemstones FAQ: (Q) How will you make a ring of my size? I’m in another country and the sizing might be different in India?

(A) You can specify your US ring size or UK ring size and we will custom make for you. If you do not know the ring size you can visit any local jeweller and get the ring size. Also, we can make adjustable rings.

Gemstones FAQ: (Q) What options I have for setting my Gem as a ring/pendant?

(A) Please visit link below for designs we usually make for clients in silver/gold /white metal/copper. Visit us at

 If you have a drawing or picture of something you’d like made, we will be happy to create it just for you. Please mail us the design.

Gemstones FAQ: (Q) How do I choose a suitable Gemstone for me?

(A) Apply for online consultation to find your suitable Gemstone. We set our gemstones as talismans as per Science Therapy so that they give only positive results. Know that Gems are best worn as per the properties they provide, rather than as per your astrology chart.

Gemstones Questions: (Q) Can a Gem be harmful for me?

A natural gemstone, set in the right way and worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy will only give you positive results. Know that nature always produces items that are beneficial to whole of mankind rather than limiting them to their birth chart.

Gemstones Questions: (Q) Why Gems from Astro Mantra?

(A) Astro Mantra provides Flawless, Brilliant, Non Heat treated, Non Colour enhanced, Vedic astrology approved Gemstones with certificate from Govt certified Gem Institute of India.

Gemstones Questions: (Q) Why buy a precious gem if a substitute will suffice just as well?

(A) We believe that there is no substitute Gem as such. Commonly available gems like Quartz, Amethyst and Turquoise etc. are called Semi-Precious, while rare ones like Sapphires and Diamonds are called precious. Each gem has individual property and there is no Gem that is substitute to the other.

(Q) Why can’t I just go to my local jeweller for a Jyotish gem?

(A) Ornamental and astrological usage is different. Most jewellery stores do not carry gemstones suitable for Jyotish usage. Usually gems are in some way treated or enhanced and although they are beautiful to look at and still worth their monetary cost in the trade, they no longer possess their inherent vibratory healing qualities. Trust only companies that specialize in natural gemstones and give an unconditional guarantee as we do.

(Q) Am I then paying a premium for natural gemstones?

(A) No never. We have our buying source and those are duly authenticated and certified by the government chartered valuer and carry a guarantee of original product. Cutting and polishing etc. we get it done under our supervision for the best of qualities and the lowest possible prices. Generally we never keep any middleman between our valued clients and us, so prices we offer is very reasonable and affordable. As there is no middleman between the first purchaser abroad and you, the end user, the savings are monumental.

(Q) Does wearing gemstone really change anything in person’s life?

(A) Yes, natural gems are very powerful and they help changes in a person’s life.

(Q) Why should people buy the gemstones from you, as compared to other sites on the Internet?

(A) We specialize in natural, non-heat treated, non-colour enhanced, Vedic astrology approved gems. We set gems as per Science Therapy as a Talisman which gives you only beneficial results. Our gems are widely preferred by astrologers. All our gems are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The stone we give our client is duly energized and sanctified, which is for ready to wear only