Gems Remedies, रत्नों के उपाय

Gems Remedies/रत्नों के उपाय: The Gems Remedies, Indian astrology is a good thing to the humans given by the ancient saints to guide them in all aspects of life. These aspects are divided into 12 planets of your horoscope. Some planets are benefices and some are malefic. Gemstones are the remedial solution provided to person to increase the strength of benefice planets and decrease the strength of malefic planets(रत्नों के उपाय). Gemstones are the essential part of astrology from the ancient times. To prescribe a gemstone removal of the ill impact of a malefic planet or to improve the beneficial impacts of a benefice planet is quite common. After detailed analysis of your Vedic horoscope, our astrologers will prescribe you the suitable gemstone as well as the other essential factors like suitable weight, appropriate finger in which one has to wear the gemstone, appropriate day for wearing it and other important details(Gems remedies). A wrong gemstone enhances the difficulties of a person instead of removing them. The stone must be matching the qualities of the person. The stone must ‘arouse’ the qualities that a person needs to become success(Gems remedies). We must find out which gems will boost the wearer’s luck and prosperity and prescribe accordingly. The remedy must play down the bad qualities of the person while enhancing good ones.

At Astro Mantra, we are first to introduce the Gems Remedies, the rules of retention, the effects and the time and an estimated period of its effect to enable you to know the effects of the gems(Gems remedies). Our astrologer can prescribe you the gemstone which will enhance your luck, business etc. and reduce the malefic impacts like accidents, depressions, enemies, diseases, losses, mental illness. Gems therapy and Mantra recitation are two most powerful remedies for averting the malefic effects of planets. Different gems and different mantras are to be used for different purposes. Know which is your most suited Gem and Mantra.


Wear Gemstones/रत्न कैसे धारण करे?: Since ancient period, people are wearing gemstones, for passion, as jewellery gems and of course for Astrological Purposes. There are certain rules to be followed to wear it in astrological remedies Read more..

Ruby-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

Moti Gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

Stotra, रत्नों के उपाय

Emerald-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

yellow-Sapphire-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

diamond-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

Blue-Sapphire-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

GOMED-GEMS-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

cats-eyes-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

opal-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

Amethyst-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय

Lajward-gemstone, रत्नों के उपाय