Yantra power, Powerful Yantra

Yantra power/Powerful Yantra 

Yantra Power/Powerful Yantra  (यन्त्र महत्त्व): The word Yantra means an instrument or machine or talisman or mascot depending upon the context. A Yantra can be described as a very complex Engine of Energy containing nested geometric figures, arrays of mystic patterns and a series of ancient hyper sigils laced with archetypal designs and numerical shapes. They are esoteric energy concept mapping machines. Most of the Yantras(Yantra Power) are conceived and conceptualized through revelation and clairvoyance by Higher Light Energy Beings. (Powerful Yantra )

(Q) How do Yantras Work?

(A) A Yantra literally means a machine. A machine is a combination of very purposeful forms. If you make some forms very purposefully and assemble them together – ten gear wheels for instance – it becomes a machine. A Yantra is a form, simple or complex, towards a certain purpose. A combination of Yantras becomes a larger Yantra/Yantra Power – a larger machine.

Let’s now look at the actual working technique of a Yantra and see as to what a Yantra does once it has been established in your house or in your pocket. A Yantra/Yantra Power typically radiates positive energy for its corresponding planet which mixes with the energy of that planet already present in your aura and makes it better. (Powerful Yantra )

For example, if the Sun is working positively in a horoscope, a Sun Yantra will radiate positive energy of the Sun which mixes with the energy of the Sun already present in the Aura of the person for whom the Sun Yantra has been programmed and thus there is an increase in the positive energy of the Sun in the Aura as well as the horoscope of this native which brings good results for the native. On the other hand, if the Sun is working negatively in a horoscope, a Sun Yantra will again radiate positive energy of the Sun which will mix with the negative energy of the Sun which is already present in the Aura of the person for whom the Yantra has been programmed and this continuous flow and mixing of Sun’s energy will lessen the negativity of the solar energy already present in the Aura as well as the horoscope of the native and accordingly a less negative Sun will be creating far lesser problems for the native. (Powerful Yantra)

(Q) How long does it take to notice positive result?

(A) It depends on the size of Yantras, material of Yantras, work of Yantras. In most normal situations yantras get fully activated within 30 to 40 days of installation and continue to increase energy thereafter.

(Q) How many different kinds of Yantras you have?

(A) We have plate yantras from 2 sizes to 12 sizes. We also have pocket Yantras(Yantra Power), table top yantras, wall yantras and three dimensional Yantras like Meru, Shree Yantras. You may even wear yantras on body in the form of lockets, rings and bracelets. (Powerful Yantra )

(Q) Does the Size of Yantra make any difference?

(A) Yes. The bigger one has the bigger impact. It mostly depends on the size of rooms.

(Q) Can I eat non-vegetarian food and smoke or drink while wearing Yantra?

(A) Yes, you can. There is no restriction or any such taboo associated with Yantras/Yantra Power.


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    (Q) What is Kali Yantra?

    (A) Kali is the Hindu Goddess of time, of change. She is the power of action, of the breath and of transformation. Kali’s essence is Divine Love. Through time, breath and Divine Love all things are accomplished. If we surrender to her essence, she creates the energy and all is possible. The Kali Yantra/Yantra Power, then, contains within it the transformative energy of change.

    (Q) What is the Ganesh Yantra?

    (A) Ganesha Yantra/Yantra Power can be distinguished in both forms- movable and immovable. With the worshipping of Ganesh Yantra a person is able to achieve wealth and fortune. To establish the Yantra, the person must purify it by sprinkling Ganga jal. Then recite Lord Ganesha path and Sankatmochan Stotra after lighting the incense and benzyl. Worshipping Ganesha Yantra everyday with proper rituals provides relief from all kind of problems in life and opens the path to success and wisdom. Chanting Ganesha Mantra fulfils all desires of a person.

    (Q) What does the Lakshmi Yantra do?

    (A) Get prosperity and victory through Dhan Laxmi Yantra Dhan Laxmi Yantra is a plate made of metal foils in which the mantras of Goddess Maklakshmi are encrypted to chant during the daily Pooja routine. The mantras are chanted to conquer all financial problems and to obtain the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Sri the other name of Goddess Maha Laxmi, is the Godly spouse of Lord Vishnu.

    Goddess Laxmi is the divinity of prosperity, luck and richness, both spiritual and material. Goddess Laxmi, thus, represents the objective of life, which contains worldly wise prosperity and religious prosperity. Lakshmi stands for not only material prosperity, but the prosperity of bravery, victory, off springs, valour, comfortable life, and everlasting bliss. Setting up of Dhan Laxmi Yantra in the office or home gives a person a heavenly joy, psychological and religious contentment, and victory and life span luxuries.

    (Q) How Can the Bagalamukhi Yantra help me?

    (A) Bagalamukhi Yantra is for power & dominance over enemies & adversaries. The worshiper of this Yantra shall have an edge over competition, victory over adversaries, the power to defeat rivals and conquer enemies. Since disease is also considered a major enemy of mankind, this Yantra(Yantra Power) also offers protection against diseases, chronic problems and accidents. Bagalamukhi Yantra also helps the worshiper to achieve success in competitive examinations and to attain victory in law suits.

    (Q) I see the Shri (Sri) Yantra Everywhere. What is the difference between the Shri (Sri) Yantra and the Meru Yantra?

    (A) Both are same. A Yantra which is three dimensional is called a Meru yantra. They are made in gold/copper/silver/punchdhatu and also gemstones. Shree yantra It is a diagram representing the entire cosmos and is considered to be the king of the yantras.

    (Q) How should I wear the Yantra Locket?

    (A) Yantra locket should be worn with yantra(Yantra Power) geometry facing outside and the deity should be facing inside. It is best worn slightly below the heart level on Solar plexus.