Why Buy From Astro Mantra

Why buy from Astro Mantra: We at Astro Mantra energize and sanctify the Rudraksha and Gemstones by our team of Pundits and expert Veda Shastri to make it instantly effective and ready to wear condition by Vedic rituals. We guarantee our products and assure for its work.

Regarding other products of Astro Mantra like, Vaastu products, rings, pendants, bracelets and Pooja materials we assure of a genuine product and provide its source means mines etc., laboratory certificates of weight and measure in carats, and the process of retention so that the purchaser can hold the products accordingly for an immediate effect. It may also please be noted that all our products are duly sanctified and energized in a perfect Muhurat, and hence all are in ready to wear condition.

Above all the services we are offering is an article based website which contains the remedies of all types of problems, malefic effects and ominous life. Moreover we are always ready to give the best possible remedies by replying them through e-mail or other way of communications, when asked, as they deem fit.

Why Bracelet, Ring and Pendant etc. from Astro Mantra?

Each planet has been assigned a specific position on the human palm. These are known as mounts and they are placed below specific fingers and they have been discussed in detail here.

The entire body is connected by nerve cells or neurons. Your fingers are highly sensitive to any signal and convey that sensation to the brain almost instantaneously.

Imagine holding a glass of hot water. How fast the signal gets conveyed. Hence the best option to wear Gemstones is as a finger ring as the planet is receiving the energy of light and conveying it and transmitting that energy to a specific part of the brain.

That is the precise reason, that  for academic excellence and for communication skills it is advised the Emerald Gemstone which represents the power of Planet Mercury should be worn in the little finger as the mount of mercury is located just below the little finger.

Best results have been observed using this approach as there is no obstacle in light movement. In fact the movement of light is maximized. (why buy from astro mantra)

Ensuring a good fate is a daily matter. If you think that doing a few remedies every now and then is enough, then you’re mistaken. On specific days, you may get more benefits than usual from doing your remedies but you still need to work on maintaining your fate regularly daily. This is where jewellery helps us.

Bracelets help increase mental and sexual energy in the body; increases blood circulation; improves the womb; lowers anger; lowers chances of heart disease; lowers anxiety; improves sleep disorders; improves mental problems; removes problems related to intestines; wearing a “Rudraksha” or silver bracelet here will fix your stomach issues and will also increase your interest in spirituality. One should not wear bracelets with artificial colours in them. (why buy from astro mantra)

Pendants are used mostly by the people who are related to any heart issues. Sometimes astrologers suggest that pendant is to be used. We have all sizes and types of pendants holding different gemstones duly energized and sanctified for ready to use. Instructions are also provided in our website for retention. (why buy from astro mantra)

We at Astro Mantra energize and sanctify the bracelets, Pendants and rings by our team of Pundits and expert Veda Shastri to make it instantly effective and ready to wear condition by Vedic rituals. We guarantee our products and assure for its work. Thousands of our clients are benefitted by our rings and bracelets. (why buy from astro mantra)

We provide adjustable rings which can get fit to anyone’s finger. The gems are duly authenticated by the authorities, which we send if wanted by the customers along with the products.

Why Rudraksha & Gemstone from Asto Mantra?

The brick-red coloured dried berry of the Rudraksha tree has played a dominant role on the Indian arena for a long time now. Rudra (terrible) Aksha (eye), the name connotes the effect of the seed on evil and its concomitants. It is been proved beyond doubt that Rudraksha cures many illnesses including those related to blood pressure and heart. So powerful are the Rudraksha’s protective powers that it can actually protect the wearer from untimely death.

The discovery of gems dates back to pre historic period and there are references in Indian Puranas and mythology about various precious Gems those were being amassed and formed part of the treasury of the Emperors. The award for any exemplary achievement either in warfare or in fine arts were rewarded by gifts of precious stones.

We at Astro Mantra energize and sanctify the Rudraksha and Gemstones by our team of Pundits and expert Veda Shastri to make it instantly effective and ready to wear condition by Vedic rituals. We guarantee our products and assure for its work.

Why Yantras from Astro Mantra?

Yantra literally machine, contraption is a mystical diagram, mainly from the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. They are used for the worship of deities in temples or at home, as an aid in meditation; used for the benefits given by their supposed occult powers based on Hindu astrology and tantric texts. They are also used for adornment of temple floors, due mainly to their aesthetic and symmetric qualities. Specific Yantras are traditionally associated with specific deities. Yantras are usually associated with a particular deity and are used for specific benefits, such as: for meditation, protection from harmful influences; development of particular powers; attraction of wealth or success, etc. They are often used in daily ritual worship at home or in temples, and sometimes worn as a talisman.

Yantra means that which controls, dominates, regulates, restrains, protects or prevents. In common parlances, Yantras refer to names, forms, diagrams, patterns and sound forms that have the five powers of God, namely the power to create, uphold, conceal, manifest and destroy. In Hindu ritual practices, which date back to the Vedic times, Yantras are created using certain objects, symbols, sounds, names and forms, and specific divisions of time to invoke the power of a deity for any of the five purposes which are mentioned before. Yantras act like temporary energy centres. They radiate spiritual energy, or the power of the deity who presides over it. They are used to enhance one’s own will power or weaken that of others, ward off evil, seek protection from the enemies or destroy them. The more benign forms of Yantras can be seen even in the right hand methods of Vedic worship.

We at Astro Mantra induct spiritual energy in the Yantra for prompt and positive effects by Vedic rituals and hence when delivered it is ready to use.

Why Purchase from Astro Mantra?

  • We are committed to remove, sufferings and trauma due to celestial effects worldwide.
  • We supply the best quality items duly energized and sanctified by chanting thousands of spells for success, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices for the benefit of all.
  • The products are collected from a reliable source of originality and after thorough research we sanctify and energize it as per the need.
  • All items are sent with usage instructions but ready to wear so that you derive maximum benefits and prompt effects.
  • All items are sanctified and energized before delivery.
  • We are the leading suppliers of best quality Rudraksha beads from Nepal as well as Indonesia. Our team of priests string the beads that balance the body’s chakras.
  • We deal in natural untreated Gemstones which are approved by Vedic astrology and set them in rings and pendants to derive maximum results.
  • We prepare Yantras with perfect geometry as per ancient texts.
  • We provide authentic Parad items which are prepared as per Parad Samhita.
  • Puja Services from Astro Mantra is very effective. We have our own team of Pundits who perform various pujas in our own premises.
  • After studying and taking extracts about the Rudraksha from Puranas and Upanishads information, we are sharing our knowledge to you and detailing about the use.
  • Guaranteed High quality, Hand selected best quality beads from Nepal and Indonesia.
  • The Rudraksha we are providing, are duly energized and sanctified as per Rudraksha science therapy which guarantees results in shortest time.
  • We have a big number of satisfied clients which proves the quality and trust of the people extended to us.
  • We are in service and supply of Rudraksha from last 1 decade. Please read about our organisation on our website.
  • We use scientific methods to recommend and understand your concerns and recommend the right combination to resolve it. You can go through our website for details.
  • We have a well equipped research centre, consisting stalwarts of this science to assist in Rudraksha research.
  • We are in serious therapies using Rudraksha beads; we are treating clients suffering from joint/knee pains, asthma, cold, cough, blood pressure, and headache/migraine problems etc.
  • All Rudraksha beads are energized and sanctified through rituals in your name prior to sending.