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Outside Bagua: There are many elements in the ancient philosophical system of Fengshui that are regarded to be the bringers of good omens to a specific place. One of the most popular of these elements is the Fengshui mirrors. These mirrors are said to transform negative energy into positive energy and bring peace and calmness to a specific place(Outside Bagua). The Concave Bagua and the Convex Bagua are examples of such mirrors.

The Concave Bagua is a bowl-shaped mirror that collects negative energy and prevents it from harming its surroundings. -Outside Bagua.

A concave bagua mirror is used in Fengshui applications when the negative energy, or sha chi, outside needs to be neutralized by being absorbed. -Outside Bagua.

Essentially, a concave mirror will “suck in” the negative Fengshui energy and neutralize it. A concave mirror often is preferable to a convex mirror because the negative energy is taken in, rather than being reflected outward, where it can affect those in the surrounding area. -Outside Bagua.

One way to use a concave mirror is when the front of your home (and particularly the front door or windows) faces a road that is perpendicular to the front of the house and meets a road that is parallel to the house, forming a “T.” Placing a concave bagua mirror above or to the side of the door or window facing the perpendicular road prevents sha chi energy from entering your home from the road. -Outside Bagua.

Another common application of a concave mirror is when a home faces a large obstacle, such as a large tree, an electrical utility tower or cell tower, or even a cliff or mountain. These obstacles can direct negative energy toward the home, which can be absorbed by a concave bagua mirror. -Outside Bagua.

If an obstacle or neighboring building or other structure has a pointed or sharp feature directed at your house, a concave mirror can absorb the sha chi from these features. -Outside Bagua.

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