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Faatron Pyramid

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Faatron Pyramid: A unique tool for success and progress to ‘INCREASE ENERGY’. Helps you to get new and creative ideas. Improves activity of all rooms especially in kitchen and living room. It is must near the computer and children’s room. Ideal for marketing executive to their targets in time. An octagonal shaped yantra with 8 copper triangle on it and in the center are 9 pyramids and on the reverse side at the center is a gold radiating circular spiral plate fixed to attract the infinite flow of positive energy.

How to Use:

All one needs to do is just hold the ‘Faatron Pyramid’ on your left palm and cover it with your right palm and charge it with ones positive mind power for the purpose you have to use it and then you can also fix if with brass screw or just place it in required area out of reach of small kids. For better result it can be used in multiples.

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This Pyramid Setup in our shops, offices, houses, factory,Temple. Luck spread in our place. These are known for controlling the stars and bringing peace and harmony to the user. Highly effective in removing vastu defect, these help in protecting against negative rays. Other features include the following:Apt for avoiding all kinds of vastu defects, these are helpful in bringing about overall prosperity and growth.Mainly use for vastu correction 9 pyramid set in our places.

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