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Chhinnamasta Puja Frame: Chhinnamasta is one among the ten Mahavidyas, the sixth one. Chhinnamasta is an idyllic and transcendental Hindu Goddess that makes us to slash our own heads. She is depicted as a deity without a head with blood pouncing out of her open neck. The sense behind this is to liberate ourselves from the limitations and restrictions of mind. Chhinnamasta is ‘Shakti’ or the lighting, the power of Lord Indra.

Chhinnamasta is described, “She who is the embodiment of virtue, love, humanness, anger, valance, terror, odiousness, mysticism, humor and tranquillity all put together”. Chhinnamasta Puja Frame is quite a neat description of the Goddess. The name by itself connotes ‘one with the severed head’. She is referred as Prasanda Chandika and comes 6th in line of the ten Mahavidyas. There is mention of the Goddess in not only Hindu texts but also Buddhist Tantric scriptures. She is also called Vajreshwari and is likened to the thunderbolt of Lord Indra. Her eyes are expressive and some devotees also call her Indrani. Those who follow her become inspired and courageous. -Chhinnamasta Puja Frame.

The most common interpretation is one where she is believed to be defeating what Kamdeva and Rati represent, namely sexual desire and energy. In this school of thought she signifies self-control, believed to be the hallmark of a successful yogi. The other, quite different interpretation states that the presence of the copulating couple is a symbol of the Goddess being charged by their sexual energy. Just as a lotus seat is believed to confer upon the deity seated a top it’s qualities of auspiciousness and purity, Kamdeva and Rati impart to the Goddess standing over them the power and energy generated by their love making. Gushing up through her body, this energy spouts out of her headless torso to feed her devotees and also replenish herself. Significantly here the mating couple is not opposed to the Goddess, but an integral part of the rhythmic flow of energy making up the Chhinnamasta. -Chhinnamasta Puja Frame.

Dimension of Chhinamasta Puja Frame : 6″ X 4.5″

Chhinnamasta Puja Frame By

Benefits of Chhinnamasta Puja Frame :

  • Diminishes negative or dark energies.
  • Helps to get peace, prosperity and growth in life.
  • Chhinnamasta Puja Frame gives energy and Courage to get all work done against all odds and getting success in each work you do.



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