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Peela Janeu: When physical-mental development of the child girl becomes eligible for this development, she becomes resolute and ready for self-determination, then she is contracted to fulfil the best spiritual and social disciplines.

Initiation means that in order to reach a better goal, it will be in the process of determining for it with determination. By engaging in worldly affairs, never neglecting the best goals of life, being conscious and cautious towards spiritual goals with the temporal people, in this sense, sacrificial rituals are performed with the initiation ritual resolution. In the ancient times, both the sacraments were held simultaneously in Gurukul, in the present time, according to the state of mind and circumstances, they can be done separately or together.

The entire essence of the policy has been embodied in the yarn of Peela Janeu (Yajnopavit). As with paper ink, with a negligible letter or a seemingly insignificant book, very important knowledge-science is filled in, in the same way these nine threads of the thread have been included in all the guidance of life-development.

The purpose of honoring these Peela Janeu on the throat, on the heart, on the back is to keep reminding the essence of the Peela Janeu threads of embodied education, so that they can be brought to life. People believe Peela Janeu as a composite statue of Mother Gayatri and Yajna as Dad.

If Jupiter is weak in someone’s horoscope then Jupiter can be strengthened by wearing Peela Janeu. It is believed that wearing Peela Janeu increases concentration and confidence in a person. Peela Janeu is also considered auspicious for the happiness of marital life.

The trend of initiation was started by Vedic sages. In ancient times, initiation was made to make the first disciple and a Brahmin. Diksha was given even when parents sent their children for education. According to Hindu religion, giving direction to life without direction is the initiation. Initiation is an oath, a contract and a resolution. After initiation, the person becomes a quadrangle. Dwija means second birth. A Second persona.



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