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Copper Coins: Copper is considered a holy metal in Hindu religion. The items made of copper have been used in the worship of God for centuries. God’s bell, pitcher, worship plate, lamp, throne, all these things are made of copper. In such a situation, we can understand that copper has been associated with God and our religion for many years. Even in ancient idols and statues of God we can see the character of copper in their hands.

This is the reason that we will use copper made coins to polish fate. Copper coins help eliminate the effects of bad planets sinking in your zodiac. Together they elevate the stars of your fate. By keeping this always with you, your fortune will always be with you.

Copper is considered to be the metal of sun and it is also considered beneficial for our body. By throwing copper coins in water, we tell the Sun God and our ancestors that God and the Father, we have taken the protective copper of our body through water.

Copper is used in many things. Many work it does from religion to health, copper. By removing the negative energy, the copper increases the positive energy, so that the Vastu Dosha, if it is in your home then it goes away and new energy is transmitted in life.

Benefits of Copper Coins:

If your main entrance is in the wrong direction then hang the Copper Coins on the door. These obstruct negative energy, apart from this, Vastu Dosh also ends.

According to Vastu, if your home is architectural and negative energy is harming you then keep square piece of Copper Coins in the house. This eliminates architecture.

If your home is under architectural defects in the south, then having a solid pyramid of copper(Copper Coins) in the south provides benefits.

If you want to keep a pyramid of copper in your house then keep it in the west direction. This will keep the positive energy in the house forever.

Copper Coins Details:

  • Size: Like Indian One rupees.
  • Metal: 100% Copper
  • Use:  Copper Coins useful Vastu dosha, negative energy remove, laal kitab upaay, rahu uppaye.

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