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Luk Fuk Sau Golden

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Luk Fuk Sau Golden (लुकफुक साऊ): The three wise men(Luk Fuk Sau Golden) and their feng shui placement in your home or office. The three feng shui gods of wealth, also called the three immortals – Luk Fuk Sau Golden – are a popular traditional feng shui cure that represents long life, fame and fortune. … The Chinese character Fuk means blessings of good luck, health and happiness.

The three Luk Fuk Sau Golden gods of wealth, also called the three immortals – Luk Fuk Sau Golden – are a popular traditional feng shui cure that represents long life, fame and fortune. There is a wide variety of legends about the gods of wealth.One of the most popular one is based on the belief that the three wise men, also sometimes called the three Star Gods, are the representation of specific celestials energies that are available for the benefit of humans.

Let’s look at the energies of each wise man – Luk Fuk Sau Golden – individually.

The Chinese character Fuk means blessings of good luck, health and happiness. This is the wise man that is often depicted holding either a scroll, or a child. There is a popular belief that Fuk is the personification of planet Jupiter, with all its associated energy of good luck and auspiciousness. The child is there to symbolize the transmission of this good luck to future generations, and the scroll can be perceived as the importance of knowledge/learning(Luk Fuk Sau Golden).

The meaning of Luk character in imperial China was official’s salary. It goes without saying that the energy of it is stability, fame and success, as well as financial abundance. Luk/Luk Fuk Sau Golden is often depicted holding either a ru yi, symbol of power and authority, or a golden ingot, a popular wealth symbol.

Sau means longevity. This is the wise old man that is usually depicted with a very high forehead and a warm smile on his face.

He is holding a staff, as he is very old (thus the symbol of longevity). He is also holding a peach (considered a symbol of immortality).

The three wise men, or Luk Fuk Sau Golden, are usually placed in an area with high visibility and good energy, such as a high table in the living room, for example, or on a high shelf in the office

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