Ancient/दुर्लभ पुस्तकें (162)

Astrology/ज्योतिष (548)

Ayurved/आयुर्वेद (152)

Biography/जीवनी (8)

History, Culture/संस्कृति (22)

Kaam Shastra/काम-शास्त्र (20)

Karm Kand/कर्म-काण्ड (349)

Medical/मेडिकल (52)

Motivational/प्रेरक (14)

Novel Books/उपन्यास (53)

Numerology/अंक-शास्त्र (22)

Religious Books/धार्मिक (264)

Tantra Mantra/तंत्र-मंत्र (318)

Vastu/वास्तु (27)

Veda Geeta/वेद-गीता (124)

Yoga/योग (48)

Books (पुस्तकें)

A set of written sheets of paper or tablets of wood or ivory is a book. One will write it as a group of written, printed, or blank sheets sure along between a front associated back cowl and an address book. A text may be a medium for recording info within the type of writing or pictures, usually composed of many pages (made of papyrus, parchment, vellum, or paper) sure along and guarded by a canopy. The technical term for this physical arrangement is codex (plural, codices).

Within the history of hand-held physical supports for extended written compositions or records, the codex replaces its precursor, the scroll. One sheet in a very codex may be a leaf and every facet of a leaf may be a page. An Online Book store is an online web application wherever the client can buy books online. Through an online browser the shoppers will seek for a book by its title or author, later will increase the pushcart and at last purchase exploitation MasterCard group action.

A mecca for all the bibliophiles in our bookstores. Astro Mantra is one of the most important bookstores for a few specialized classes. We’ve got a spirited atmosphere with shelves once shelves lined with exciting facts simply anticipating our customers to venture into. We offer a powerful choice with everything from noncircular texts to psychological feature books.

Besides, several others embody our scriptures, non-fiction and additional. However, the most effective here may be that some manuscripts. Which are either grubby or out of the market, we tend to may collect those. Thereafter, mercantilism is the photostat copy of the pages with spiral binding. So, some rare manuscripts that are out of the circuit, could also be with us.

Available Books:

We are having rare book on written material, ancient text, books on pseudoscience, Karm Kand, and psychological feature books. Those are by completely different authors from countries and abroad. Besides, History, Culture, and noncircular text. Moreover, we tend to specialize in texts on religious writing Geeta, Yoga, Numerology, Tantra, and plenty of different subjects.