Pronology, ध्वनि ज्योतिष

Pronology/ध्वनि ज्योतिष

Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष): Every man is having a Definite NAME. He wants to be called by his Name by others as many times as possible. A man is happy in talking his name frequently and tells others also about his Name. So Name represents man’s physical body, his appearance and his characters etc. Name has more usage and travels everywhere than a man physically does. When we say a NAME, all his personality comes to our mind. When we say AMITABH BACHAN, our mind remembers his personality, characters etc(Pronology). Every Shastra shows a definite path to man for successful and happier living and assist him to reduce his hardships. Man’s success depends on various factors of dimensions in life. So man has to undergo various problems in family, career, health, living conditions etc… in normal life. Scientific developments help man to live in luxury and materialistic living than the ancestors. But the Shastra, developed by our ancient Rishies and Saints helps to counter life’s practical problems in natural way.

Each Shastra (say Numerology, Astrology, Vaastu, Yoga etc) helps the MAN to improve his self strength and to counter various problems that come in way of living on certain aspects. Numerology is one of the Shastra that helps to reduce life’s struggles and gives success and wealth, if it is followed sincerely(Pronology).

God has given different subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu etc. which guide the human beings to achieve prosperity in all the spheres of life. When these subjects are utilized properly, any person can understand his future and the steps to minimize any failures. Pronology is also one of such powerful subjects that help us to understand the hidden meanings of our names. Pronology is a science of analyzing sound vibrations in a name. Whereas Numerology depends on numerical value of a name, Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष) depends on sound vibrations in a name. ध्वनि ज्योतिष

Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष) is the study of names and the vibrations they produce, the study of how name vibrations influence one’s personality and life and the study of even how even slight changes in names can lead to great success in life.

So coming to basics, why did you get the name you got? The reasons could be the following:

  • Your parents named you as per the lucky alphabets mentioned by family astrologer, which is decided on the basis of time and place of birth.
  • Your parents named you according to their wish, i.e., they named you ‘xyz’ because they liked this name and someone suggested this name.
  • Your parents wanted to name you uniquely, so they compiled a list of names that sounded stylish and different and selected the best from the list.
  • Your parents named you same as one of their ancestors and may or may not have added a Jr. in front of your name.

From the above four, the third one seems to be in trend across the world currently. However, it has been found that there could be a fifth way of naming a child. This is the method where a Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष) expert looks at the child’s birth chart and comes up with an auspicious name which corresponds in every way to palmistry, numerology and astrology as well. The system is unique because the Pronology expert analyzes the “Pran” or the “Life” in sounds and vibrations that emanate from the name!

The Benefits of Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष):

  • You get a name which will add up to your lucky number as per your birth date.
  • You get a name which will have the correct spelling that takes you closer to success.
  • You get a name which will produce vibrations that in turn influence people around you positively.
  • You get a name that keeps you happier and prosperous all your life through.

Nonetheless, by availing the benefits of Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष), there are more chances of transcending the limitations of time, space and existence and this has been proven by experts(Pronology).

Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष) is indeed a rare science and is not a matter of interpretation alone. It is the study of sounds or phonetics in combination with alphabets in your name plus the combination of astrology and calculating the lucky number based on alphabets one uses to spell their name with.

When we know the meaning of sounds in our name, we will get an idea of what our destiny is. When the sound in our name is not good, we are likely to get bad situations in our life. This knowledge also helps us to correct our name to reduce the troubles and get better success(Pronology). To know the sounds of a name, we should examine the name and pronounce it slowly by concentrating on two or three letters at a time to find out the sounds and words hidden in the name. For Example: take the name Prasad, and read it slowly as Pr, Pra, Rasa, Sad, etc. Among these words, the meaningful word is sad. It represents a lonely person who cannot receive cooperation from his colleagues and friends. (ध्वनि ज्योतिष)

He would not trust anyone easily and there will be some health trouble to himself or to one of his family members which makes him sad. The same analysis is applicable for a woman’s name Sadhana. (ध्वनि ज्योतिष)

Pronology Predictions (ध्वनि ज्योतिष):

Pronology is the study of man’s fortunes through NUMBERS (by which) he has born, uses in his day to day life etc. For eg. Our cell phone has a definite Number…If we want to contact our friend, we have to dial all the 10 digits Number correctly and then only we can communicate with him(Pronology). If you wrongly use even one Number (any of 10 digits), then what will happen? You can’t get him in your line and you become tense, restless and start to blame the cell phone itself.If the same way we should use and follow the relevant and lucky Numbers (based on birth date) in day to day to life. Then only we can get success and less problematic life. If we use wrong Numbers or evil Numbers, then life will be full of struggles. Numerology deals with numbrers  and each numbers  is having  its own vibration  and influence. If a cow is tied in a rope  and the rope is tied to the peg. The pegged point is called the birth number and to what extent the cow can go ( the rope length) is the fate number.

If the birth number is good  the cow can be pegged in a grassy land if it is not good it can be pegged on a rocky land where grass not available(Pronology). So the birth number and the fate or destiny number which influences the life, cannot be changed. But can artificially grow grass in the area  for the cow  for  grazing – by changing the name number  to suit your birth or fate number or  by wearing suitable gems- to certain extent the vibrations can be improved and it  will improve the living .  Each number relates to our planets (graham) and their influence over one person Sun -1,moon-2, Jupiter -3, rahu-4, mercury -5, Venus -6, Ketu -7, Saturn -8, mars -9 The numerical value of each letter is given below:


Generally the frequency or wave length of 1,4,8 group can go together-3,6,9  forms another group ,- 2,7 forms another group and 5 is the middle number between 1 and 9 can go together with all the group. This you can verify why certain people are forming friends together by analyzing their numbers either birth number and destiny number or name number. If you do not know about the character of any person as you will not know their date of birth but with  their name  you can find out the name numbers and you  can get at least 30 % of their characters. This will be helpful to know how to deal with that person(Pronology). E.g. some persons straight forward, some people succumb for praise etc.

Number 1 and 9 are extreme numbers and adamant. No 5 is flexible. Number 6 is tricky and cunning. no 2 and 7 is for sacrificing and hard working. No 4 is adamant you cannot force the person but in his way you can go and mend the person. No 4 and 8 they will struggle too much and get the things done after struggling. No 3 is selfish. In numerology there are only 9 numbers .example if you are born on 23 rd then the double digit get reduced to single digit 2+3=5   Birth number and destiny number  Suppose you take the  date of birth as 23-02-2007 The birth number is the date  i.e. 23  =2+3=5 Destiny number is   2+3+0+2+2+0+0+7=16 =1+6= 7, The birth  relates to the material side of the life and the destiny number relates to what extent one person can go.

Now-a-days Numerology is more popular throughout the world. Many people use Numerology to keep their Names, phone Numbers, and house Nos. Business Numbers etc. but their success depends on, how correctly they select the Numbers! If one uses bad Numbers, then his expectations will not be fulfilled and he succumbs to the bad results and failures. Now Pronology comes to rescue man, who was bored with numerology, it shows the correct usage of Numbers and Names especially names.

  • Let us see an example: LACK OF NUMEROLOGY – O, N
  • Are two letters in English? They can be united in two ways.
  • O, N – means Positive (value 12)
  • N, O – means Negative (value 12)

If your name has bad sound vibrations according to Pronology, then take the help of a Numerologist and get your name corrected according to Numerology. The Numerologist will add good letters or remove bad letters from your name and fill it with positive vibrations. When best numbers are employed in your name, trouble indicated by the sounds will be considerably reduced and your chances of success will increase(Pronology). So, Numerology will lead you into success even if Pronology in your name is not good.