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Hanumatpujan Yantra (4×4)

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Hanuman pujan Yantra/हनुमतपूजन यंत्र: The lord of power, Authority and Vigour is Lord Hanuman. Hanuman pujan Yantra is very powerful and tested. During the Puja of Hanuman Yantra, the Sadhak should remain absolutely pious and observe Barahmcharya. Keep fast on every Tuesday after starting the Puja. Meditating on this Hanuman Yantra can infuse you with a strong will, a brave heart and the courage to overcome all odds.

Lord Hanuman is said to be the great devotee of Lord Ram Chandra. In India Lord Hanuman is worshiped for every reason, may it be to gain wealth, health or wisdom, may it be to gain success in business or foreign trips, may it be to dominate the enemies or to win almost-lost court cases, may it be the reason to get rid of BHOOT-PRET BADHA, the fear of Ghosts and devils.

Lord Hanuman in known as the “SANKAT MOCHAN”, the one who can save the native from all and any kind hurdles and obstructions of the life. Hanuman pujan Yantra is a very powerful tool to devote Lord Hanuman and to gain the blessings of Lord Hanuman and to get rid of all the problems a native may face in his life.

Hanuman pujan Yantra is to worship Lord Hanuman. The lord of power, Authority and Vigour is Lord Hanuman. Those who worship Him are blessed with Strength of mind and body and immense protection. It is also beneficial for those who have malefic Mars in their chart or Horoscope. Worship of this Hanuman pujan Yantra regularly will give the devotee success in anything they desire. Hanuman pujan Yantra is very auspicious and useful in business success also. This Hanuman pujan Yantra is very powerful and tested.

Hanuman rules Planets Mars and Saturn. Those suffering from the malefic effects of Mars and Saturn in their horoscopes may worship this Hanuman pujan Yantra. It will fill the devotee with positive vibrations. It enables healers to strengthen their ability to transfer healing prana. A sincere devotee of Lord Hanuman may worship Him for the forty days during which he may remain absolutely pious and observe celibacy; Barahmcharya. One may observe fast on every Tuesday and Saturday.

Benefits of Hanuman Pujan Yantra:

  • People who fear their enemies.
  • People who struggle to achieve success in their endeavors.
  • People who suffer from severe health ailments.
  • People who yearn for a hitch-free life.
  • People who desire to acquire courage and confidence.
  • People who need to reverse negative energies from Saturn.
  • People who seek to turn around impossible situations.

Details of Hanuman Pujan Yantra:

  • Size: 4″ x 4″
  • Metal: Gold Plated

Sanctified of Hanuman Pujan Yantra:

Hanuman Pujan Yantra are duly sanctified and energized by the expert Pundits of by chanting the required Beej Mantra for instant effect and ready to use.

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