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Baglamukhi Puja

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“ब्रह्मास्त्रं च प्रवक्ष्यामि खेद्य प्रत्यय कारणम्, यस्य स्मरणमात्रेण पवनोऽपि स्थिरायते”

Baglamukhi Puja & Yajna

Bagalamukhi or Bagala is one of the ten mahavidyas (great wisdom goddesses) in Hinduism. Bagalamukhi Devi smashes the devotee’s (or the devotee’s enemies’) misconceptions and delusions with her cudgel. She is also known as Pitambara in Northern Parts of India.

Bagalamukhi” is derived from “Bagala” (distortion of the original Sanskrit root “valgā”) and “mukha”, meaning “bridle” and “face”, respectively. Thus, the name means one whose face has the power to capture or control. She thus represents the hypnotic power of the Goddess. Another interpretation translates her name as “crane faced”.

Bagalamukhi has a golden complexion and her dress is yellow. She sits in a golden throne in the midst of an ocean of nectar full of yellow lotuses. A crescent moon adorns her head. Two descriptions of the goddess are found in various texts- The Dwi-Bhuja (two handed), and the Chaturbhuja (Four handed).

The Dwi-Bhuja depiction is the more common, and is described as the Soumya or milder form. She holds a club in her right hand with which she beats a demon, while pulling his tongue out with her left hand. This image is sometimes interpreted as an exhibition of stambhana, the power to stun or paralyze an enemy into silence. This is one of the boons for which Bagalamukhi’s devotees worship her. Other Mahavidyas goddesses are also said to represent similar powers useful for defeating enemies, to be invoked by their worshippers through various rituals.

Bagalamukhi is also called Pitambaradevi or Brahmastra Roopini and she turns each thing into its opposite. She turns speech into silence, knowledge into ignorance, power into impotence, and defeat into victory. She represents the knowledge whereby each thing must in time become its opposite. As the still point between dualities she allows us to master them. To see the failure hidden in success, the death hidden in life or the joy hidden in sorrow is ways of contacting her reality. Bagalamukhi is the secret presence of the opposite wherein each thing is dissolved back into the Unborn and the Uncreated.

Baglamukhi Puja & Yajna Effects

Baglamukhi Puja & Yajna is the most effective Yajna. The Sadhak must worship Maa Bagalamukhi for days at a stretch with the observance of strict celibacy, and this commands an excellent physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual powers. The Kundalini wave patterns and the thought formations demand a huge degree of boldness as well in the worshipper. Roughly 99% of all Vedic priests do not have the inherent skills it in them to fully worship Mata Bagalamukhi. That is how complex and powerful her worship is. To worship Bagalamukhi in the proper way is very difficult, yet very important. Out of all the 10 Mahavidyas, Maa Bagalamukhi is associated with a huge amount of occult powers. She is prayed for occult powers as well. She is also sometimes called the Brahmastra (this is the weapon of Brahma that he uses during warfare).

Who can do Baglamukhi Puja & Yajna?

  • Who desire success in every field?
  • Who wants to overcome all the adversities on the way?
  • Who wants to get positive results?
  • Who want to push away negativity?

Key feature of Baglamukhi Puja & Yajna

  • Shanti Paath
  • Sankalp
  • Gauri Ganesha, Kalash and “Kaal Bhairva” Puja
  • Special worship of “Baglamukhi” the Goddess of “Bhamastra Shakti”
  • Baglamukhi Mahvidhya Aahwan & Praam Prthishtha Siddh of “Baglamukhi” Yantra
  • Baglamukhi “Viniyoga & Body Naysa”
  • Chanting of Baglamukhi Mahvidhya Main Mantra: “ॐ ह्लीं बगलामुखी सर्व दुष्टनाम वाचम, मुखं, पदम्, स्तंभय, जिव्हाम किलय बुद्धिम विनाशय ह्लीं ॐ फट्”,
  • Chanting Baglamukhi 1,25,000 Main Mantra in 11 days.
  • Recite “Baglamukhi Mahavidhya Stotra” daily.
  • Baglamukhi Mahavidhya Dashansh Yajna & Purnahuti
  • Aarti
  • End of Ceremony with Pushpanjali

Note: The complete Baglamukhi Puja & Yajna footage CD of this Yajna will be sent with Prasad only to the people who will not attend the Yajna personally.


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