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Energized Crystal Globe:The Energized Crystal Globe is shrouded with veils of occult energy and power. The most common visual association with the crystal ball is the image of a psychic reader gazing into the crystal ball while their bewildered client impatiently waits for info.

The Energized Crystal Globe is as pervasive as it is mysterious. It’s displayed in the window of your local psychic; it makes an appearance in movies, books, and pop culture; for those moments when you need a touch of the clairvoyant in your texts, it’s even on your smart phone screen. But how it earned its seductive presence is less clear than the pasts and futures it purports to predict.

Many cultures utilize (d) some form of ancient crystal healing or divination, but the most obvious association with the Energized Crystal Globe comes from the middle Ages, which lasted from around the time the Druids disappeared until the Renaissance in the 15th century. Though its path is murky, the crystal ball was thought to be used throughout the medieval period by Anglo–Saxons as both a means of magic and a flashy fashion accessory—a type of Middle-Age bling, so to speak. Ferguson even suggests that the mythical magician Merlin chose to tote around a beryl ball for those times King Arthur needed an emergency reading.

These first adopters of crystal-gazing would stare deeply into the stone, falling into a meditative trance that would allow the subconscious to open and reveal secrets of the past, present, or future. (Although popular opinion would have us believe psychics are only good for knowing what’s going to happen, true crystal balls can see in any chronological direction, depending on the Seer’s ability.) This act of gazing into a reflective or translucent surface to glean prophetic insight came to be known as scrying, and while it’s a gross-sounding word to say out loud, the practice can be used on literally anything, including blood, water, mirrors, and even oily fingernails, though crystal balls are the most common mechanism for this type of divination.

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