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Pradeep Kumar Rai (प्रदीप कुमार राय)

Pradeep Kumar Rai is a famous writer of Tantrik books including Mundamala Tantra and Mantra Mahodadhi etc. His writings are too appealing and easy to understand which made him one of the legendary writers of Tantra Books. His language of expression is so clear and easy that any new reader also can understand the matter without much effort. The books he wrote are all needed for the persons performing religious activities. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rai also wrote many books on astrology, Vastu, Fengshui, and accomplishments.

His most of the books are in Hindi and local languages. His creations are well accepted by the readers and his books are among the best-selling zoner. He is a doyen in religious book writings and composed many exceptional creations which people never knew. His exploration and thereafter exposition brought a revolution in the zone of religious books. The books, he wrote became the best seller of this religious zoner.  However, the publisher has printed all his creations which is an achievement. However, these books are meant for all religious-minded people. (Pradeep Kumar Rai)

If you are searching for some of the best religious and spiritual books to increase your spiritual knowledge, then the list of books given in this post will help you. Along with all the books, links have also been there to buy them online so that it is easy for you to order. The explorer and the pioneers of ‘Vastu Shastra’ are Brahma, Narad, Brihaspati, Bhrigu, Vasishta, and Vishwakarma. Pradeep Kumar Rai Books contain the accurate calculations of Vastu which was the creation of the above doyens.


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