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Manoj Kumar Lamba (मनोज कुमार लांबा)

Manoj Kumar Lamba has written many books on Karm Kand, Astrology, and remedies. He interpreted many articles in his books in an easy language which became too useful to the readers for the books. Besides the above, most of his books are paperback editions. This enables the books to be pocket friendly. This will allow purchasing the same by all the sections of the people. His compositions on all four Vedas became earmarks among the interpretation of Vedas by anyone.

In Manoj Kumar Lamba, Mahagranth, the essence of Upanishads, history, the inspiration of Puranas, Nimesh, legislation of Chaturvarna, etc. are there. Besides, the meaning of Puranas, the magnitude of planets, constellations, stars, etc. Moreover, the description of places of pilgrimage, virtuous countries, rivers, mountains, seas, and forests are there. Basically, it is a storehouse of infinite mysterious, secret gems.

The explorer and the pioneers of ‘Vastu Shastra’ are Brahma, Narad, Brihaspati, Bhrigu, Vasishta, and Vishwakarma. Manoj Kumar Lamba Books contain the accurate calculations of Vastu which was the creation of the above doyens. He is a doyen in religious book writings and composed many exceptional creations which people never knew. His exploration and thereafter exposition brought a revolution in the zone of religious books. (Manoj Kumar Lamba)

The books, he wrote became the best seller of this religious zone. However, the publisher has printed all his creations which is an achievement. However, these books are meant for all religious-minded people. If you are searching for some of the best religious and spiritual books to increase your spiritual knowledge, then the list of books given in this post will help you. Along with all the books, links have also been there to buy them online so that it is easy for you to order.


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