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Khemraj Shrikrishnadas (खेमराज श्रीकृष्णदास)

Khemraj Shrikrishnadas is one of the oldest publishers in trade. Since their commencements decades back, they religiously published Hindu Scriptures, Veda. Upanishad and millions of other religious and semi-religious books. Besides, they are containing the authority of some rare books, which they supply to their customers on demand.

It was established by 2 Marwari brothers from Churu, Gangavishnu Bajaj and Khemraj Bajaj, each son of Shrikrishnadas, who arrived in the city in 1868. At the start, Khemraj wanted to sell books by different publishers as an itinerant marketer. He then established a tiny low press in 1871 at Moti Bazar Bombay.

The press has published numerous classical Hindi and Sanskrit texts, including the smallest Gita. They also published a weekly Venkateshwara Samachar for several decades. Besides, later started some inning presses.
They published the earliest editions of Kalyan magazine for Geeta Press published during 1926-1927 before the press of Gita Press was established at Gorakhpur.

The road (Khet wadi Back Road) where the office is in location by name Khemraj Shrikrishnadas Marg. Pandit Shia Ram Shastri from a small village named Santha Naveepur district ETAH near Mathura Uttar Pradesh after passing Acharya degree in vyakarana from Kashi worked for several years in this press as a member of a proofreading team known as Sahitya Mandal.

If our contention is not wrong, they are the only publisher who is publishing the books on original manuscripts. Their team is always in search of such old manuscripts and getting their imprint under their banner. For instance, this is one of the herculean tasks to find such manuscripts. They run pillar to post to have their required manuscripts and find success.


We at Astro Mantra contain a very big number of Khemraj Shrikrishnadas books published by them. We are collecting the books to cater to our customers for prompt and effective services. It has a printed manual on a large style of Hindu rituals like Davat Pujan, Mahalakshmi Puja, Gayatri Purashcharan Vidhi, Yajnopavit Vidhi, etc. It printed Jwala Prasad Mishra’s critique of Hindu Dayananda’s Arya-Samaja movement Dayananda-Timira-Bhaskara (1913).