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Astro Store: According to astrology, there have been 18 Maharishi promoters or founders of astrology. According to Kashyap, their names are respectively Surya, Pitamah, Vyasa, Vasishta, Atri, Parashar, Kashyap, Narad, Garga, Marichi, Manu, Angira, Lomesh, Paulish, Chyavan, Yavan, Bhrigu, and Shaunak.

Astrology is an approach that points out effective measures and directs us to boost our lives. Moreover, this helps in building a much better and happy life for us. The pseudoscience remedies facilitate cutting back the impact of malevolent planetary influences in a very person’s natal chart, more harness the significations dominated by the helpful planets. Astrological merchandise aims to induce reality with grandeur and natural qualities of the soul and establish one’s relationship with God. (Astro Store)

For instance, sacred text astrology is transformational in nature, geared toward serving the method of growth, evolving consciousness, and overcoming limitations. It includes Gemstones, Yantras, Rosary, Rudraksha, pendants, rings specifically designed for a specific zodiac sign, and crystals and Parad things. These merchandise act as a protection to protect against every kind of negative energy and facilitate attract material prosperity, success, love, power, happiness, relationship, peace, the welfare of youngsters, fulfilment of desires, and health.

Astro Store products can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. They are worn as protective amulets or as an instrument of fortune by the people. That have left remarkable advantages and benefits. For instance, these magnificent products are not new to this world, but they are fascinating and have been loved by people for millions of years ago.

The Available Products of Astro Store

Astrology Products
Rudraksha beads- Rudraksha beads are the wonder beads that help individuals to lead a more complete life.
Gemstones- Gemstones represent a planet and can draw energy from that planet and direct it to you.
Yantras- Yantra symbols represent the inner states of human consciousness, Besides, the process of evolution.
Lucky Charms- Astro Store can bring fortune and good luck in the lives of persons irrespective of religion and caste.
Crystal- It boosts the energy level and relieves energy. Moreover, enhances the creativity level of the individual.
Parad Item- Parad is an item that is very much useful for the treatment of diabetes and blood pressure. Besides, heart diseases.
Feng Shui- Fengshui items bring positivity, good luck, and wealth. Besides, health into the lives of individuals.
Puja Items- These items are powerful and effective in one’s spiritual journey on the way to enlightenment.

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We at Astro Mantra are keeping genuine products in our stores to cater to the perfect things and materials for our valued customers.